Hike over the hillside forests in the Geuldal and through the Ingendael to Sint Gerlach Castle. The walking tour goes through the Meerssenerbroek, the De Dellen hillside forests, along the Curfsgroeve, through the Bergse Heide with the Meertensgroeve and through the Ingendael along the river Geul.

Walking tour through the Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum, the town of Blitterswijck and the Hooge Heide forest area.

Walking tour from the central station in Maastricht along the Jeker stream with Château Neercanne in the Jeker valley and then back to the station over the Sint Pietersberg with a visit to the ENSI quarry and Fort Sint Pieter.

Walking tour through the Areven nature reserve, the stream valley of the Tungelroy Brook and the forest area the Tungelerwallen.

This walk in the Bergerbos alternates over rolling river dunes through coniferous and deciduous forests and heathland with fens such as the Quin and the Zevenboomsven. In the middle of the Afferdense Duinen you will pass a twelve meter high watchtower. From the top you have a beautiful view.

Walking tour through The Meinweg National Park. The Meinweg consists of a terraced landscape that is special for the Netherlands with steep transitions between these terraces. This unique landscape was created in the course of ten thousand years by scrapping the water of the Maas in combination with three fault surfaces in the earth that run through the national park, including the Peelrand Fault.

Hiking tour dominated by stream valleys. You pass three streams the Haelens Beek and in the nature reserve the Leudal along the Leubeek and the Roggelse Beek.

Hike through the wooded part of the Meinweg National Park, along the Rode Beek that forms the border with Germany and the river Roer. The Rode Beek is a beautiful meandering brook that originates just across the border in Germany. It forms the national border between the hamlet of Vlodrop Station and the village of Vlodrop about 5 km away. There are two water mills along this stream: the Dalheimer Mühle on the German side and the Gitstappermolen on the Dutch side.

Walking tour through the Bergerbos, Broedersbosch, Bleijenbeek estate, the Eckeltse Bergen and the Eckeltse stream valley in the northern part of the Maasduinen National Park. A walking tour over and along drifting dunes from which the park owes its name, but also through the woods on the edge of the area.

Walking tour through the Sint-Jansberg nature reserve and over the Mooker heath. The Sint-Jansberg is an estate with wooded slopes, fields and meadows. The Mooker heath is located on a spur of the Nijmegen lateral mound with beautiful views.

The walking tour starts in America, a small originally heath mining village, and then continues through De Schadijkse forests.

Walking tour through the edge of the Meinweg, along the Rode Beek and the river Roer. The Rode Beek is a beautiful meandering brook that originates just across the border from Germany and forms the national border between Vlodrop Station and Vlodrop. Along the stream is a water wheel mill worth seeing, the Gitstapper mill, which was built about 600 years ago.

Walking tour through the Bleijenbeek estate, the Eckelse Bergen, along the Eendenmeer on the Gemeenteheide and along the Driessenven in the Bergerheide.

Walking tour through the Hamert estate, along the Gelderns-Niers canal and through the floodplains of the Maas in De Maasduinen National Park.

Walking tour through 't Ham in the brook valley of the Groote Molenbeek and Kasteelpark Ter Horst.

The hike starts at the Visitor Center National Park De Meinweg and goes through a part of the National Park De Meinweg and then returns along the German side of the Rode Beek.

Walking tour through the Leudal, the Heijerhof estate and the Exatenbosch. During the walking tour you pass three streams, the Roggelse Beek, the Tungelroysche Beek, which downstream is called the Leubeek and the Haelense Beek.

Walking tour through the nature reserves Krang, Heijkersbroek and Ellburg.