This forest hike starts in the village of Bruchhausen, which is located in the Medebach valley and goes through beautiful and easily accessible forest roads to the highest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Langenberg.

This walk goes through the Birgeler forest along remnants of the Westwall to the Schaagbach valley and through the swamp around Haus Wildenrath.

The walk takes you along a panoramic path to the Ziegenhelle where you have a beautiful view of the surroundings from the lookout tower. Then you walk through the forest to the Berknecke valley.

The eye catcher on this walk is the river Nette with the Ferkenbroek on the way where the reed collars and a fish ladder stand out. Along fields and meadows you come to Lake Witt with beautiful water lilies.

This short walk goes from the Borner lake through a fairytale forest to the Swalm river that you follow for a while. At the Harik lake you pass the Mühlrather Mühle watermill which dates from 1447. Then you walk through the Laarer Bach a moist area with meadows and fields.

This varied walk leads the hiker through the border forest to the Maas slope at the Schlucht Nature Reserve, where you have a view of the Maas valley. From the Dutch nature reserve Holtmühle the route continues in the direction of the open heath landscape Hühnerkamp and the Galgenvenn.

Hike through the Neuer Hagen nature reserve, the largest contiguous moorland in Sauerland. On the tour you pass the source of the Hoppecke and you have a beautiful panorama on the Clemensberg.

A varied hike that starts at the foot of the Kahler Asten, an 841 meter high mountain in the northwest of the Rothaar Mountains, just southwest of Winterberg, between the villages of Alt- and Neuastenberg.

This short hike goes through one of the few remaining high heather areas on the ridges of the Sauerland. Beautiful vistas alternate with typical heather landscapes.