This walking route goes via nodes of the Kempense Hoven walking network through the Schupleer nature reserve. The Kleine Nete may not be the most celebrated river in Flanders, but it is still one of the most beautiful. The way she winds through the landscape and has carved many beautiful meanders, is truly unique. The landscape image in these valleys is determined by vast, wet meadows, trunks and some beautiful reed.

This walk takes you alternately along a rural, wooded and extensive swamp area in the surroundings of the Balderij, the Lage Rielen and the Rielenbroek. In the surroundings of the 'Grote and Kleine Kaliebeek', lies a vast swamp area. Sporadically, open spaces with humid hay meadows and heather-tree vegetations occur.

This walk goes through the beautiful nature area Scheps and the green surroundings of Olmen. The Scheps nature reserve lies in the upper course of the Grote Nete valley, between the Olmen district and the Scheps hamlet. All sorts of affluents, such as the Asbeek, the Visbeek and the Hanske Selsloop, join the Grote Nete here. The valley is therefore at its widest here. Although the rusty-brown water color might suggest otherwise, the water quality in the streams is good, which means that the fish stocks are very varied. Brook prick and roadside are just a few examples of this.

This walking introduces you to this beautiful nature reserve that consists mainly of monotonous pine forests, but has gradually been transformed into a very varied area with deciduous forest, coniferous forest, heathland and fen.

This nature walk goes by nodes of the Kempens Landgoed walking network through the nature reserves Lokkerse Dammen and Het Goorken. These areas are located in the valley of the Wamp. In this marshy area you will find both peat moor, heather and reed lands as well as open water, willow and gale bushes. The second part goes through the Dessel-Schoten Canal and past wet meadows and open countryside.

Nature walk through the valley of the Grote Nete with the eye-catchers' t Schipke, the Kruiskensberg van Bevel and the Merodeforest. In short, a very varied route in the heart of the Kempen.

Walk through woods and farmland of the Heycant in Merksplas along the Ginhoven fields towards Zondereigen, the Noordmark river is your guide on this first part. Then you go through the nature reserve of the valley of the Marksken and the Merkske, you will be amazed by the peace and quiet that reigns here. This discovery tour through this green corner of Merksplas and Baarle-Hertog is highly recommended!

This beautiful walk goes by nodes of the Kempense Hoven hiking network along the Antitank Canal to the Fort of Oelegem and then direction of the Castle Estate Vrieselhof.

This walk in the nature reserve Hoge Vijvers goes via small paths and wide lanes through this vast forest. It is hard to imagine that there was no forest here until the mid-nineteenth century. At that time peat extraction was still being carried out, as a result of which ponds originated on this higher part of the Kempen, this explains the name 'Hoge Vijvers'.