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  • Around La Garenne

    This walk goes around the Botermelck-La Garenne nature reserve, a continuous castle domain of 400 hectares that is privately owned. The Antitankgracht and the Schotense Vaart are the other eye-catchers.

  • Aschputten

    During this walk you can see what the Mark Valley looked like before it was straightened in the 1970s. The area is situated in a row of dunes that used to extend for a distance of two to three kilometers on the flank of the valley of the Mark. The ridges of those dunes used to be called the Aschputten mountains. That is why the area itself was named Aschputten.

  • Biezenweiden

    This walk goes through the Blaasveldbroek nature reserve where the ponds remind us of the intensive extraction of peat. Via the Hazewinkel domain you walk in the direction of the De Biezenweiden nature reserve, where the beaver feels at home. The Broek De Naeyer is an attraction for birds all year round. In the viewing huts Osprey and Cormorant you can observe one of the largest colonies of cormorants in Flanders.

  • Blossom route

    On this walk, you will discover that Hoogstraten, in addition to delicious strawberries, also produces other delicious fruit. You stroll from shiny apples and pears to radiant blueberries.

  • Bootjesven Path

    This nature walk goes through a stately lane past the former vagrant farm and takes you to the border with the Netherlands. You walk on a winding path through a swampy area with fens and heather. Via the Torendreef you come to the Bootjesven. The Bootjesven is a natural fen that was deepened for peat extraction. The guards of the Colony used to come to swim with their families at the Bootjesven. On summer days, they deposited their wallet at a "colon" on the edge of the pool.

  • Borsbeken Path

    This rural walk takes you via the Borsebeek and the Koude Beek and along the flooding area Fortloop to Fort 3. After a round in the Fort, the route continues along the Fortloopbeek to the nature reserve Nosegoed and along the Geboorte forest.

  • Bruggeskes Walk

    As the name of the walk suggests, you will find many foot bridges on your path on this tour. Trenches and streams run through the forest, but the bridges keep your feet dry. The route follows winding forest paths through the beautiful Ravels forests. The 'Miezerige Paadje', a path along the heath leads you past the Klotgoor and the Kesse fen.

  • Death Wire Path

    This themed walk introduces you to Zondereigen, which was occupied by the German army during World War I and where the national border was closed with a high-voltage wire barrier: the Death Wire.

  • Deken Lauwerys Path

    The Deken Lauwerys path is a pleasant walking path through historic Hoogstraten. During this walk you will discover the rich cultural past, the beautiful nature and the open landscape of today's Hoogstraten. It was thus called as a tribute to Jozef Lauwerys who meant a lot to Hoogstraten, especially in the historical field.

  • Den Diel and De Maat

    Walk through the nature reserves Den Diel and De Maat with alternating hay meadows, deciduous forests, heath, fens, shallow ponds and marshes.

  • Den Rooy and Smisselbergen

    Den Rooy and Smisselbergen are two vast forest areas in Meerle where you can discover different biotopes and habitats. The Heerlese Loop runs straight through the area. Part of the area south of the course is managed as flowery grassland. This forest area is an important connecting zone between several nature reserves in the Netherlands & Belgium.

  • Eindhoutbroek

    In Laakdal, the landscape gently waves up and down. The rivers Kleine and Grote Laak meander towards the Grote Nete. Forests, streams and meadows characterize the low-lying Laak valleys. In this way you step in the Eindhoutbroek along wet grasslands, alder forests and rough vegetation. On the Eindhoutberg you will find iron sandstone hills with hollow roads. A fantastic piece of green on the border of the provinces of Antwerp, Flemish Brabant and Limburg.

  • Eksterheide

    In the middle of the agricultural zone, between Beerse, Rijkevorsel and Vlimmeren, lies the beautiful nature reserve Eksterheide. The walk takes you through forests, along fens and through heathland.

  • Forest Chapels Path

    This landscape walk in the Zuidrand goes through the Langbos and Babbelse Plassen nature reserves to two old forest chapels in the Kapellekensbos. You continue on rural roads in the direction of the nature reserves Oude Spoorwegberm and Schapenhagen.

  • Fort 2

    Walk on rural roads between fields and allotments to Fort of Wommelgem. From the fort it continues in the direction of the Schranshoeve, a walled farm with access over a bridge.

  • Fort 4

    This walk goes through the domain of the castle Cantecroy to the nature reserve Little Switzerland. From the nature reserve you walk to Fort 4, one of the seven remaining Brialmont forts. The route also passes several railway lines in Mortsel.

  • Fort 5

    This walk introduces you to Fort 5 in Edegem and the Hof ter Linden castle from 1773.

  • Fort 8

    A walk around Fort 8, the parks Sorghvliedt and Broydenborg and a piece of green buffer zone around Umicore.

  • Fort of Brasschaat

    Walk from the Klein Vliegveld of Brasschaat to the domain De Uitlegger and then around the Fort of Brasschaat.

  • Hoboken Polder

    The Hoboken Polder forms a green and wonderfully quiet oasis in a Scheldt bend close to the city of Antwerp. This route goes along the ditches of the Hoboken Polder, Broekslot, Rallegat and Ruitersplas.

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