• A Mikse walk

    This walk goes from the park estate De Mik to the nature reserve De Inslag and around the E10 lake.

  • Blakheide

    The walk goes from Merksplas Kolonie to a beautiful piece of nature at the Bies fen. Through an open landscape and past old clay pits you make the connection with the nature reserve De Blakheide. Here you walk along Het Blak, which also has a bird watching wall. The walk goes back through forests along small heaths and fens in the direction of Merksplas Kolonie where you follow the ring canal for a while.

  • Brechtse Heide

    This walk introduces you to three beautiful nature reserves in the Brechtse Heide. You walk along the Dessel-Schoten canal to the Kooldries nature reserve. Winding paths lead you past old clay pits through an oak birch forest and willow thickets. Further along the route you can discover a part of the nature reserve Hoofsweer at a viewing wall. Then you walk through a varied open landscape to the Marbeleven nature reserve. You only catch a glimpse of the fen itself because the area is fenced off, but this piece of nature that is part of the Vraagheide is certainly also worthwhile.

  • De Hutten

    The main theme of this walk in the Grote Netewoud is the Grote Nete. The route goes along the river to the nature reserve Malesbroek. Unfortunately you get to see just a glimp of the large water feature of the Malesbroek but the surrounding nature makes up for it. Then it continues in the direction of the nature reserve De Hutten where pine forest plays the leading role.

  • Domain d'Ursel

    This walk in Klein-Brabant goes through the former domains of the d'Ursel family, over the Scheldt dike and along wet grass and hay lands. Along the edge of Hingene it goes through an open landscape with fields to a beautiful nature reserve on the Eikerheide.

  • Moretus Forest

    Walk for those who love forest walks. From the Ravenhof estate you walk in the direction of the Dutch Moretusbos, which is part of the Brabantse Wal. You return through the Stoppelbergen and the old park forest.

  • The Schrieken

    This walk first goes through a mosaic of hay meadows, peat bogs, thickets and brooks in the Schrieken nature reserve, before heading in the direction of the Visbeek valley. This valley is one of the most valuable stream valleys in Flanders. Finally, the Achtzalighedenboom is visited near the Rollekensberg in the forests of Lille.

  • Turnhouts Vennengebied

    This walk takes you past the Koeiven, the Zwart Water, the lookout tower on the Grote and Kleine Klotteraard and through the nature reserves Klein Kuylen and Nieuwe Bossen.

  • Valley of the Aa

    This walk goes through the beautiful valley of the Aa towards the old hamlet of Sassenhout. From there you walk through mixed forest and an open field and meadow landscape in the direction of the old agricultural hamlet of Berkelheide. Along the Bosbeek and the hamlet of Vispluk you arrive at the impressive castle of Vorselaar, the Borrekens. You walk back to the starting point through stately beech avenues from the castle grounds.

  • Zammelsbroek

    This beautiful nature walk takes you from Zammel along the banks of the meandering Grote Nete to the nature reserve Trichelbroek. In this swamp area you follow the Grote Laak and then go through a forest area interspersed with meadows in the direction of the Zammelsbroek nature reserve.

  • Zwart Water

    Hike through the extensive coniferous forests of the Kempense Heuvelrug. Along the way, the forest is interspersed with heaths and fens such as the Zwart Water and the Snepkensvijver. The Kempense Heuvelrug is a remnant of land dunes that arose when the sea receded.