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Monte Corona

The walk mainly goes through mixed forests with beautiful eucalyptus and chestnut trees as eye-catchers. Shortly after departure you will arrive at Monte Corona where the Ermita San Esteban is located. Here you have a beautiful view of the coast, but also of the mountains behind it, such as the Picos De Europa.

Los Acantilados

The senda de Los Acantilados follows the coastline for quite some time on the edge of the cliffs through the Natural Park of Oyambre. Before you follow the coastal path you have a nice viewpoint at the mouth of the Escudo. On the coastal path you can enjoy beautiful views and before you know it you are at the bay of Las Fuentes. On traffic-calmed roads you walk back to the pleasant village.

Pico Coriscao

The Pico Coriscao is not an easy mountain if you start from Cosgaya but it is if you leave from the Mirador de Llesba. The Coriscao belongs in the top 3 of the best miradores of the Picos de Europa, from the top at an altitude of 2234 meters you look straight at the Peña Vieja (2613m) and the Morra de Lechugales (2444m). The Coriscao is made, as it were, as a viewpoint because the view is more than worthwhile in the other directions. In the south is the Pena Prieta (2539m) and in the west you can see the Peña Ubina (2417m). Below you can see the large oak forest of the Liébana Valley.