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Château de Barry

Nice walk through forest in the massif of the Grand Barry with beautiful views on the way of the Vercors, the plateau d'Ambel, Les Trois Becs and the Diois region. At the ruins of the Chateau de Barry you can have a picnic with a beautiful view as a backdrop.

The resistance in the Vercors

In Vassieux-en-Vercors during the Second World War there were fierce confrontations between the resistance fighters and the German army. This walk takes you to the Mémorial de la Résistance on the Col de la Chau. From there it continues through a forest to the Pelouse de Derbonouse, a beautiful plateau. A steep descent to the hamlet of La Mure begins on the Col de la Mure. From there you walk through the beautiful Vassieux valley back to the starting point.

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Crête de Ramiat

This hike first goes through beautiful La Sure valley and then through a pine forest to start a steep climb to the Crête de Ramiat. On the ridge you have a beautiful view of the Drôme valley and the Diois. You follow the ridge to Les Plaines. From this point you start the quiet descent with beautiful views of the Quint valley.

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Le Sentier des Vautours

Walk from the picturesque hamlet of Archiane to the majestic cliffs of the Cirque d'Archiane, between rocks, boxwood and scrub. The Cirque d’Archiane is a suitable habitat for the four species of vultures that occur in the Vercors. The vertical limestone cliffs face south, making them ideally located to build a nest and to take off. Along the way you have beautiful views.

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La montagne de Beure

If you want to get to know Les Hauts Plateaux du Vercors, this walk is an absolute must. Via an oak forest you climb to the plateau of the Montagne de Beure. At the viewpoint you will be presented with a first impressive panorama, with the Grand Veymont as eye-catcher. Then you walk to the edge of the cliffs and get the most spectacular views of the Glandasse, the Diois region and peaks of the Vercors. At a last viewpoint you get a nice view of the Col de Rousset before you descend back to the starting point.

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Rocher du Caire

This beautiful walk takes you past the small Bodon Abbey to the Col de Saint-May and the summit of Le Devès at 1048 meters altitude. From then on follow the ridge from the Rocher de Saint-Auban to the Rocher du Caire. Along the way you will almost certainly be fascinated by the majestic flight of the griffon vultures that have their nests in the flanks of the rock.

Cirque d'Archiane

This beautiful walk starts in the hamlet of Archiane, which lies in the shadow of the beautiful Cirque d'Archiane. You follow the GR93 through the Combe de l'Aubaise valley where ibex, chamois and griffon vultures feel at home. After a steep climb you will arrive at the desolate plateau La Plaine du Roi. This plain is located in the Les Hautes Plateuax du Vercors nature reserve. You walk a while on the plaine to have an impresssion of the vastness.


This walk goes through the valley of Le Rif to the Pas du Loup from where you go through a forest to the high mountain pastures of the Tête du Mouret. Here you have a beautiful view of the Gorges du Eygues and the surrounding mountains. Via the Montrond, of which you can take the name of the mountain very literally, you return to the starting point.

Carrières Romaines

This beautiful walk offers you one of the most beautiful panoramas on the north side of the Les Hautes Plateaux nature reserve with attention being drawn to the Grand Veymont. For this walk you need some sense of orientation to go through the chaotic landscape via Pré Peyret to the old Roman quarries in the beautiful valley of Queyrie.

Col d'Onglon

The walk departs from the medieval village of Sainte-Jalle through the bois d'Embrun to the Col d'Onglon where you have a beautiful view of Mont Ventoux, among others. After a steep descent you follow a part of the GRP Tour des Baronnies back to the starting point.

Plateau d'Ambel

This walk introduces you to the largest plateau of the Vercors, the d'Ambel plateau. You walk on the edge of the cliffs to the top of the Tête de la Dame where you have beautiful panoramas on the Monts du Diois, des Barronnies, Mont Ventoux and the Drôme valley.

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