This short but beautiful walk to the castle ruins of Roquefixade starts in the village where you still imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. Even without the short but steep climb to the ruins, the walk is recommended. Beautiful views of the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees on one side and on the other side of the mountain you walk through forests, sometimes narrow, hiking trails with beautiful views.

On this hike you can discover not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Pyrenees, but also a beautiful picturesque valley on the Cap de Pich high above the falls. The Cascade d'Ars are actually three waterfalls that bridge a height difference of more than 246 meters in a very short time.

Beautiful hike that starts at an altitude of 1800 meters with beautiful views of the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees along the way. If you are lucky you will see the griffon vultures circling above and below you.

This walk goes through the natura 2000 area Montagne du Plantaurel past three well preserved dolmen. On the Crête de Quère de Maury you have a beautiful view of the plain of Toulouse and in the beautiful valley along the river Camarade is pure enjoyment of the landscape.

This adventurous hike goes from the Col de Pause along the cabane d'Areau to the crest of the Tuc de Fourmiguet and Pointe de la Banque from where you have a unique view of the east side of Mont Valier (2838m). From the green top of the Cour Vic (2119m) you descend to Lake Areau to return to the starting point via the GR10.

This pleasant walk goes to the viewpoint of the Couserans: the Tuc de Montcalibert. Despite the modest height of 677 meters there is an impressive panorama, an orientation table helps you to recognize the peaks of the Pyrenees. Afterwards you follow the GR78 towards the picturesque hamlet of Montjoie-en-Couserans.

A short but very nice walk to the Cirque d'Anglade. The climb to the valley is quite tough but when you come up in the valley you have a beautiful view of the fully enclosed and narrow Cirque with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

This beautiful mountain hike goes through the Bois Des Coumes to the Cirque de Garbetou and the Etang du Garbet. You leave through the forest and ascend steadily to the Cirque de Garbetou. This valley is really beautiful and the valley at the foot of the Cirque is crossed by dozens of branches of the Garbet river.

This hike goes to the Port de Salau at an altitude of 2087 meters. This mountain pass was already used in the Middle Ages by pilgrims to go to Santiago de Compostella. Later it was used by traders to Spain. On the pass you have a beautiful view of the Roca Blanca and Tuc de Bonabé on the Spanish side and on the French side of Mont Valier, Pic de Maubermé and Mont Rouch.

A nice walk from the Col de Port to the Pic d'Estibat where you have a beautiful view of the Pyrenees, mixed forests and green valleys. An ideal walk to get acquainted with the Couserans.

This gentle mountain hike follows the torrent d'Ossèse and passes some hamlets with beautifully restored buildings and barns. In the first part you can enjoy the waterfall of Calie. The second part of the hike continues through beautiful meadows and through forest to the end of this tour the waterfall of Lastien at an altitude of 1300 meters.