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Mont Bochor

This walk takes you along the GR55 to the refuge des Barmettes, at the refuge is an information board about the old salt route to the col de la Vanoise. From the refuge you climb to Mont Bochor at an altitude of 2000 meters. At the viewpoint on Mont Bochor you have a beautiful panorama of the valley of Pralagnon and the glaciers of the Vanoise.

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The plain of Tuéda

This walk gives a nice impression of the nature reserve Plan de Tuéda. In the spring, the flora is breathtakingly beautiful. Later on the walk you will get a nice view of the valley du Fruit and you will also walk along the lake of Tuéda, with a botanical tour.

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Lac de la Glière

This easy mountain hike goes to the refuge de la Glière and the 'lake' of the same name. This lake has been dry since June 15, 1818 and today is an immense plain of stones and pebbles. You get a nice view at the lake on the north side of the Grand Bec, the Grand Casse and the Epena glacier.

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Refuge d'Avérole

This walk in the valley of Avérole goes through the old hamlets of Vincendières and Avérole to the refuge d'Avérole. The valley lies between the slopes of the Albaron 3638 meters and the Pointe de Charbonnel 3750 meters. At the refuge you have a beautiful view of the Lombarde valley. In the past, the route was frequently used by craftsmen from Lombardy. They went through the Lombarde valley over the Col de l’Autaret to Italy.

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Refuge du Lac Blanc

This family mountain walk in the Vanoise National Park takes you to the beautiful Lac Blanc and the refuge of the same name. At the lake you have a beautiful view of La Dent Parachée (3,683m), the glaciers of L'Arpont and Chasseforêt. If you go around the lake you can take a look at the Gorges du Doron. A couple of lamb vultures nest in the Gorges. Right above the lake is the refuge du Lac Blanc where you can enjoy the view. Furthermore, during the walk you will pass the old hamlet of La Chavière and the chapel of Sainte Marguerite.

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Refuge de Bramanette

A family mountain walk that takes you through the Forêt de Montbas to the Bramanette valley. The authentic Bramanette refuge is located in the valley. At the refuge you have a beautiful view of the Dent Parachée (3697 meters) and the Vanoise. The refuge is on the route to the col de Bramanette that connects the Haute-Maurienne with Italy.

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Refuge du Grand Bec

This walk goes to the refuge du Grand Bec at an altitude of 2405 meters at the foot of La Pointe de la Vuzelle with a panorama of le Grand Bec (3385m) and the Aiguilles de Mey massif. During the climb you have a beautiful view of the valley of Bozel and the Vanoise. The rugged landscape at the refuge is also appreciated by chamois and marmots.

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Col des Fours

This short walk takes you over the moraines of the old glacier of La Jave to an 'easy' three-thousander, Pointe des Fours (3072 m). On the Pointe des Fours the panorama is breathtaking with a view of La Grande Motte, La Grande Casse with its 3855 meters the highest peak of the Vanoise, La pointe de Méan Martin and L'Albaron. Along the way you can often see chamois on the mountain flanks.

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Refuge du Saut

This walk in the Vanoise National Park goes from Lake Tuéda to the fertile Fruit Valley. In the valley you follow the course of the Doron des Allues and you have an impressive view of the Col du Fruit (2515m) and L'Aiguille du Fruit (3051m) on your left and Mont du Vallon (2952m) on your right. At the refuge you can enjoy this beautiful environment. On the way you will certainly see and hear marmots, but chamois and ibex are also possible.

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Cirque du Genépi

This walk in the Vanoise National Park goes from the valley of Chavière to the Cirque du Genépi where the Genépi glacier can be seen from very close by. After a steep climb over the moraine, you continue on a beautiful panorama path in the direction of the Cirque d’Ariande. On this path you have a unique view of the Aiguille de Péclet (3561m), the Aiguille de Polset (3531m) in the southeast and the Grand Bec (3398m) in the north. The descent goes past the Chalet de Rosoire and the chalets of Ritort back to the starting point.

Pointe de Lanserlia

The walk takes you to the Pointe de Lanserlia at an altitude of 2915 meters with a beautiful 360 degree panorama. In the north you see the impressive Grand Roc Noir and the southern flank of the Grand Casse, in the west the Dent Parrachée, Dôme de L'Arpont and the Dôme de Chasseforêt with the Vanois glacier in between. In the foreground you have a nice view of the strange shapes of the Rochers de Lanserlia and the three lakes of Lanserlia.

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Pointe de l’Observatoire

In the Vanoise National Park you can walk to several "easy" three-thousand-meters peaks, but none have such a beautiful view as the Pointe de l’Observatoire at an altitude of 3015 meters. The west wall plunges into the bottomless depth with on the other side the beautiful colors of the Lac Blanc and the Dôme of Polset with the Gébroulaz glacier. In the north you can see Mont Blanc, in the east the Vanois glacier bordered by the Pointe de Labby and the Dent Parrachée.

Col de la Vanoise

This beautiful walk in the Vanoise National Park will introduce you to the high mountains and has a rich history. The route goes over the Route du Sel, an old mule path, to the Lac des Assiettes. At the refuge du Col de la Vanoise you can enjoy the view of the Grande Casse and the glacier des Grands Couleurs. Via a detour to the Lac Rond you walk back along the Lac Long and descend the moraine from the glacier du Grande Casse to the Lac des Vaches. You cross the lac des Vaches via stepping stones to walk back to the refuge des Barmettes.

Refuge Péclet Polset

This walk goes via the refuge Roc de la Pêche to the Refuge de Péclet Polset. At the refuge you have a beautiful view of the impressive glacier of Gébroulaz (3434m), the Aiguille de Péclet (3561m) and the Aiguille de Polset (3531m). From the refuge Péclet Polset you can go even further to the Lac Blanc. This lake that is fed by the glacier has a milky white color. If you still feel like it, you can still go from the Lac Blanc to the Col du Souffre at 2819m. Here you have an even better view of the glacier and the lake. This area is a favorite place for ibex in the summer.

La Roche Parstire

This walk goes to La Roche Parstire at an altitude of 2108 meters, in good weather you have a beautiful view of the Lac de Roseland, the Mont Blanc massif, Le Grand Mont and La Pierra Menta. La Roche Parstire is a mountain range with two faces, steep cliffs on the side of Arèches and gently sloping alpine meadows on the side of Roselend.

Rocher du Vent

Le Rocher du Vent is undoubtedly on the postcard of the reservoir of Roselend. You go from the Plan de la Lai through beautiful alpine meadows to this well known rock that looks like a pyramid and through the canyon, but has the wind really formed this canyon?