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The Dode IJzer

The walk first goes to the Dode IJzer, an old meander of the Yzer. Then you walk along the Zwijnbeek, the Yser and the Heidebeek to reach the picturesque village of Haringe. Via country, church and quiet roads you walk to the other side of Roesbrugge to return along the banks of the Yser.

The Rodeberg

This beautiful walk takes you from the Sulferberg, a complex of spring forests, through an open landscape to the Hellegatbos. From the Rodeberg you walk to the beautiful Douve valley. Wooden stairs lead you through the Broekelzen nature reserve, the source area of the Broekelzenbeek. You walk back to Westouter past meadows and fields with beautiful views.

The Blankaart

Water is the keyword of this walk because the Blankaart lies in the heart of the floodable Yser Valley. After all, the name Blankaart refers to "Standing Blank". The Blankaart pond is a remnant of former peat extraction. In the area you will pass bird watching huts, lookout towers and a viewing platform. Depending on the season, there are so many different birds to spot that you will forget the time.

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Bethoosterse Broeken

The Bethoosterse Broeken walk explores two completely different landscapes in the vicinity of Esen (Diksmuide). You first walk in the higher area, south of Esen, where you have beautiful panoramas over the Westhoek. Halfway through the route you arrive in the Bethoosterse Broeken, a side valley of the Yser plain. You walk along the Handzamevaart, among other things. The area consists of low-lying meadows and hay meadows and is home to a unique fauna and flora.

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Stuvetjes walk

The Stuvetjes walking route takes you through all aspects of a small village in the countryside: Stuivekenskerke. This beautiful and characterful village has a lot of treasures to offer, because it has seen just about everything in the last 150 years! During this walk you will get to know the Yser, the nature reserve of the Viconia Kleiputten, the former village center on the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwhoekje and of course the First World War.

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Zwin walking route

The Zwin hiking route introduces you to the great diversity of natural values and landscapes in Knokke-Heist. From the Zwin Nature Park or the Oosthoek you stroll through the 'Zwinduinen and -polders' and explore the 'Hazegraspolder'. Old seawall dikes bear witness to the fight against the sea. You walk through the 'Koningsbos', over wooden paths and between Scottish highland cattle. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Zwin plain.

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