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Schluchten path

This route takes its name from three gorges in the Isle and Bitburg area. The deeply carved fissures turn red from the sandstone. Along the way, you'll get scenic views of the surrounding Enz Valley. Another highlight is the Tongrube Nature Reserve, a former clay mining area, where today a habitat for endangered birds, amphibians and reptiles has developed.

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Traumschleife - Mittelalter path

Wonderful walk from the picturesque town center of Herrstein with its beautifully restored half-timbered houses. This walk takes you through forests and fields along the Rabenkanzel, an 800 m² rock formation, and along the Jammereiche, a place that refers to a terrible event during the 30-year war. Along the way you get incredible views, on the viewing platform you have a 360 ° view and you can even see 17 municipalities.

Layensteig Strimmiger Berg

This adventurous hike goes along the Mörsdorfer Bach and through the Flaubachtal to three consecutive klettersteigen: Burgberg, Kleine Kanzel and Schieferstollen. Along the way there are beautiful views of the Hunsrück and the Moselle Valley far into the Eifel. In addition, the path runs by old slate tunnels and reconstructed houses of the former slate mine workers.

The Geierlayschleife

This walk goes from the village of Mörsdorf over the Geierlayschleife to the new foot suspension bridge over the valley in the Hunsrück. The bridge with its 360 meters is one of the longest in Europe and hangs about a hundred meters above the gorge, so a bit of an adventure! Along the way you will see the Fettsmühle, an old mill from the 15th century.