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The Geierlayschleife

  • Author: Jpvardo


This walk goes from the village of Mörsdorf over the Geierlayschleife to the new foot suspension bridge over the valley in the Hunsrück. The bridge with its 360 meters is one of the longest in Europe and hangs about a hundred meters above the gorge, so a bit of an adventure! Along the way you will see the Fettsmühle, an old mill from the 15th century.

Distance: 8 km.

Time: 2h00.

Grade: Easy.

Type: Circular.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: Yes.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Allowed.

Height gain: 120 meters.

Trail: 90% unpaved.

Marking: None.

Hiking shoes recommended.


The Geierlay suspension bridge.

From Mörsdorf it goes through fields to the forest where you descend to the old water mill. Via old trout ponds it continues in the direction of the Morsdorfer Bach. You follow the river for a while until you see the Geierlay suspension bridge high above you. After a steep and short climb you will come to the bridge that you cross to reach Mörsdorf again.


Download PDF for route description.

The bridge may not be entered in case of freezing or a thunderstorm.

Map & Poi's.

POI 1 - The Geierlay suspension bridge.

The Geierlay suspension bridge was the longest and most spectacular pedestrian bridge in Germany. Since May 2018, the German Harz has officially put into use not only Germany's longest, but even the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge. The free hanging part of this hiking trail hangs 100 meters above the Rappbode river, and is 458 meters long. The total bridge has a length of 483 meters. Construction of the Geierlay was started in May 2015. The ingenious construction is located in the Hunsrück between the Moselle and the Rhine. The Geierlay suspension bridge connects the villages of Mörsdorf and Sosberg over the valley of the Mörsdorfer Bach, a small winding mountain river. The wooded valley and the hills of the Hunsrück, seen from the center of the bridge, are truly breathtaking. The bridge was opened on 3 October 2015. The construction costs amounted to around € 1.14 million, the majority of which was funded by the EU. The bridge has a length of 360 meters and is therefore one of the longest pedestrian bridges in Europe. The height is 100 meters and the weight of the bridge is 57 tons. The Geierlay is built after the example of Nepalese suspension bridges and hangs between two bridge heads. The name is derived from the territory where the bridge is located. Residents were allowed to vote on the name via a competition. In the first year of the opening, more than 370 000 people visited the Geierlay suspension bridge. The bridge is therefore a huge asset to the region and a beautiful tourist attraction.

Visitor center Geierlay