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Valle Del Lagos

This is an ideal walk to get to know the Somiedo Natural Park. This park has one of the largest populations of brown bears in Europe, but you will not encounter them on this route. Through the beautiful Valle Del Lagos you walk to the largest glacial lake in Asturias, Lago Del Valle at an altitude of 1580 meters. Along the way, the Teitos, typical stone shepherd's huts with a thatched roof, will certainly stand out.


This mountain hike is ideal for people who want to get acquainted with the high mountains. From the invernales de Cabao, the route follows a wide dirt road in the direction of Arroyo De La Canero. Further on you walk over mountain trails to the Collado De Pandébano at an altitude of 1281 meters. After the Refugio De La Terenosa you start the climb to Torcasierra. At Torcasierra you have a unique view of the Picu Urriellu (2518 meters).

Refugio Vega de Ario

This walk, in the western part of the Picos de Europa, takes you along Lake Ecrina on a stony path to the refugio Vega de Ario. Along the way you have beautiful views and you pass typical shepherd's houses that are still in use. On the Collado El Jito you have a beautiful view of the massif of Urielles and there is an orientation table indicating all the surrounding peaks.

Refugio Vegarredonda

This walk goes along Lake Enol over the plateau of the same name. Once you've crossed the Rio Pomperi, the real work begins. You go along a stony path to a boulder called La Piedrone, around which are typical shepherds' houses. You now climb high above the valley, with beautiful views along the way, in the direction of the refuge Vegarredonda at an altitude of 1460 meters. The refuge is on the route to the Mirador De Ordiales. On the way back you can even see the sea in clear weather.

The cliffs of Pimiango

In addition to beautiful views of the sea and the Picos de Europa, this beautiful walk also has other highlights to offer. The ruins of the monastery of Santa Maria de Tina, the hermitage of San Emeterio and the cave of Pindal are some of them. But the adventure really starts when you head to the cliffs along goat paths where you have beautiful views as well as erosion-ridden rocks such as the Cala El Regolgueru.

The Cares gorge

The walk through the Garganta del Cares, literally the throat of the Cares, is probably the most traveled trail in the region. Rightly so, because this is a unique gorge where in some places the Cares River flows 800 meters deeper. The Cares path was constructed in 1946 to maintain the Hydro Canal, which was constructed between 1916 and 1921.

Bufones de Pria

This walk along the beautiful rough coast of the Costa Verde has a surprise in store if you follow the route with high tide. Suddenly you hear a loud trembling deep sigh from an earth monster and moments later the sea water spouts meters up, the Bufones de Pria.

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