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Gour De La Sompe

This beautiful walk goes through a beautiful mixed forest with mainly holm oaks over the ridge between the valleys of the Sompe and the Ibie. Along the way you have a beautiful view of the valley of the Ibie. You walk through the valley of the Sompe to the Gour De La Sompe, a beautiful double waterfall. Even if no water flows down, the location is a real hidden gem.

Valley of the Gournier

This gps walk goes from the picturesque village of Chauzon via the banks of the Ardèche to the Plateau des Gras. On the way you walk to the belvédère des Aulagniers where you have a beautiful view of the river Ardèche and the hamlet of Viel Audon. On the plateau you can see how rough life was and still is here. The stone walls (murets) and the undergrowth (garrigue) give this landscape a special look. At the valley of the Gournier you have little chance to see water in the river. The view of the gorge is very beautiful, chances are that you will see the herd of sheep of the shepherd, who lives on the plateau, somewhere in the valley.