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The Purgatorio path

This walk goes first through the rugged Barranco de Enmedio and then into a more open landscape with some country houses surrounded by almond and olive groves. The area where you literally go over an old irrigation canal offers beautiful views of the plain of Totana and Aledo. Through a beautiful forest path you arrive at the recreational zone of Alquerias and then start a steep climb with beautiful views of the Sierra Espuna.

Barranco de las Brujas

This walk is ideal to get acquainted with the Sierra de Espuña. In the first part you have a beautiful viewpoint on the Morón de Alhama, a striking mountain, then it goes through pine forests towards the Casa Leiva and La Perdiz. The second part takes you through the path of the dinosaurs in the beautiful valley of the Leiva to the Barranco de las Brujas, the valley of the witches.

Barranco Blanco

This walk gives you a good impression of how hard the local population has to work to grow almonds, figs and olives in this inhospitable area. The irrigation canal La Noguera that you follow is a silent witness of this. You walk along the ridge of the Llano del Pico with beautiful views of the Sierra Espuña and the Barranco de Gebas. You also go through a tunnel and an old excavated canal.