• Altenbroek walk

    This hiking route takes you through the cross-border nature reserve Altenbroek between 's-Gravenvoeren and the Dutch town of Noorbeek. It owes its name to Castle Altembrouck, which you see lying in the distance on the way. The Noordal, the hollow roads and the Schoppemerheide are true pearls to walk through.

  • Province of Limburg

    The province of Limburg consists of four regions, namely the Voer region, Hesbaye, the Meuseland and the Campine. Each region has its own characteristics, but nature is central to each of these regions.

  • Sources and Alser forest

    On this beautiful walk you will see not only the typical sources of the Voer region, but also the half-timbered houses in Veurs, badger fortresses and beautiful forests. The unique views make it an absolute hit.

  • Teuvender Mountain

    This walking route shows you all the beautiful places in the Gulp valley near Teuven. From the small village you walk in the direction of the Rood Forest. After a small piece of forest it continues through an open landscape in the direction of the Gulp. Through the hill forests you reach the plateau of Crapoel and the Teuvender mountain. Along the castle of Sinnich, which played an important role in the First World War, you walk back to Teuven.

  • The Berwijn

    From Moelingen in the Maasdal you walk past fields and orchards to the Dutch church village of Mesch. This village was on September 12, 1944 the first Dutch village that was liberated by American soldiers. From Mesch you walk along vast fields interspersed with numerous orchards in the direction of the Berwijn nature reserve. Oaks, hornbeam trees and a lot of spring flowers grow on the chalky slopes of this area.