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Terms of use

Terms of Use.

Private initiative: TrailExplorer.

Address: 2070 Zwijndrecht Neerbroek 124.

Publisher: The publisher and owner of the copyrights is, hereinafter referred to as 'publisher'.

User: Anyone who downloads PDF and GPS files from Trailexplorer will be referred to here as 'user'

1. Applicability.
  • These general terms and conditions apply to all consultations and downloads of hiking routes offered by TrailExplorer. The user is deemed to be aware of our general terms and conditions and must agree to them.

  • These Terms and Conditions apply to every aspect of the content and intellectual property.

  • To use these PDF directions for free for private and non-commercial purposes, no purchase is required, but the user must subscribe to our newsletter by entering his email address. Upon receiving the link to the PDF and GPS files, the user can immediately unsubscribe and thus remove his email address from our database. The user who has not canceled his subscription after downloading automatically becomes a subscriber to the newsletters of the website where the download took place.

  • The user accepts that his data will be used for direct marketing purposes by Trailexplorer, if the user has not unsubscribed via the corresponding link after downloading. The user can object to the use of his personal data at any time and free of charge. The user also has the right to access his data and has the right to correct this data if it proves to be incorrect. Protection of privacy Trailexplorer respects the privacy of the user in accordance with the GDPR regulation on the protection of privacy with regard to the treatment of personal data. Trailexplorer reserves the right to contact subscribers by email and send them a newsletter. Trailexplorer's subscriber lists will not be transferred to third parties.

  • The PDF files and their contents are the property of Trailexplorer. No part of these PDF files may be reproduced and/or made public by means of printing, online publication, databases or in any other way without written permission from the publisher. Information sources and liability. The publisher obtains its information from reliable and carefully selected sources. However, the publisher cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information nor for the use of this information and its possible adverse consequences. The PDF files contain a lot of links to websites, the publisher cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites. Illegal use. The user is not permitted to use the PDF files unlawfully, to publish them in another form or to prevent their publication. The user is also not permitted to use the information unlawfully.

  • Use of routes and GPS tracks. The published routes and GPS tracks are an aid to following the walking routes. The publisher carefully chose the route at the time of publication. However, the publisher cannot be held responsible for traffic violations and/or accidents that occur while using these routes and/or GPS tracks. The routes have been composed with care, but the user should always inform themselves in advance because hiking trails can be subject to changes due to all kinds of factors, such as the weather or other conditions on the site.

  • Any uncertainties about the interpretation or content of one or more provisions of our terms and conditions must be explained by TrailExplorer.

  • Op Trailexplorer kan je reisgidsen van aankopen.

  • De aankoop wordt volledig geregeld via de website van Om die reden dient de gebruiker ook akkoord te gaan met de algemene voorwaarden van TrailExplorer ontvangt van een kleine commissie per aangekochte reisgids. De inkomsten van deze commissies worden integraal gebruikt om de kosten voor de hosting van deels te dekken.

15. Aansprakelijkheid.
  • De gepubliceerde routes en gps-tracks zijn een hulpmiddel om de wandelroutes te volgen. Daarbij koos de uitgever zorgvuldig de route uit op het ogenblik van de publicatie. Doch kan de uitgever niet verantwoordelijk gesteld worden voor verkeersovertredingen en/of ongevallen die gebeuren tijdens het gebruik van deze routes en/of gps-tracks. De routes zijn met zorg samengesteld maar de gebruiker dient zich steeds vooraf te informeren omdat wandelpaden onderhevig kunnen zijn aan veranderingen door allerlei factoren, zoals het weer of andere omstandigheden op het terrein.

Intellectual property rights.
  • TrailExplorer reserves all intellectual property rights (including on all carriers containing data or other information, maps, photos, etc.) unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

  • The user may not copy or use the said property rights in any way without the prior written permission of Trailexplorer.

  • The ownership of all content of the website belongs to Trailexplorer.

22. Privacy.
  • The personal data will only be used by TrailExplorer.

  • The personal data are never made available to third parties.