Terms of use downloadable routes, etc. in the form of PDFs or gpx's via the website Trailexplorer.eu.
Publisher .

The publisher and owner of the copyright is Trailexplorer.eu, will be further named as 'publisher'.
PDF files.
The downloadable routes, etc. in the form of PDFs, will be further referred to here as 'PDF files'.
Anyone who downloads PDF files from Trailexplorer will be further named as 'user'
To make free use of these pdf-files for private and non-commercial purposes, no purchase is required but the user must subscribe to our newsletter by filling in his e-mail address. Upon receiving the link to the PDF files, the user can immediately unsubscribe and remove his e-mail address from our database. The user who has not canceled his subscription after downloading automatically becomes a subscriber to the newsletters of the website where the download took place.
The user accepts that his data are used for direct marketing purposes by Trailexplorer, if the user did not unsubscribe via the corresponding link after downloading. The user can register free of charge at any time against the use of his personal data. The user also has access rights to his data and has the right to correct these data if they prove to be incorrect.
Privacy protectionTrailexplorer respects the privacy of the user in accordance with the GDPR Regulation for the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. Trailexplorer reserves the right to contact the subscribers by e-mail and to send them a newsletter. Trailexplorer's subscriber lists will not be transferred to third parties.
The PDF files and their content are the property of Trailexplorer. Nothing from these PDF files may be reproduced and / or made public by means of print, online publication, databases or in any other way without written permission from the publisher.
Information sources and liability.
The publisher extracts his information from reliable and carefully selected sources. However, the publisher can not be held responsible for any incorrect information or for the use of this information and any adverse consequences. In the pdf files there are a lot of links to websites, the publisher can not be held responsible for the content of these websites.
The user is not permitted to unlawfully use the PDF files, to publish them in another form or to prevent their publication. The user is also not permitted to use the information unlawfully.
Use routes and GPS tracks.
The published routes and GPS tracks are a tool to follow the walking routes. In doing so, the publisher carefully chose the route at the time of the publication. However, the publisher can not be held responsible for traffic violations and / or accidents that occur during the use of these routes and / or GPS tracks. The routes have been compiled with care, but the user must always inform himself in advance as walking paths may be subject to changes due to various factors, such as the weather or other conditions on the terrain.