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To Kasteren

Groene Woud

Walking tour through the Dommel valley and through the hamlet of Kasteren in the National Landscape Het Groene Woud. The Dommel valley consists of meadows, fields and bushes. The meadows consist of wet grasslands.

Distance: 13 km.

Time: 3h00.

Grade: Moderate.

Type: Circular.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: Yes.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Allowed.

Height gain: Flat.

Trail: 59% unpaved.

Marking: See PDF route description.

Hiking shoes recommended.


The Groot Duijfhuis.

Farther from the river there are bulbous fields on the higher grounds. These have been used as agricultural land for centuries. The place of interest is alongside farm Het Groot Duijfhuis with a very special pigeon tower and Flemish barn. The farm itself was built around 1556. The Flemish barn near Kasteren was built in or shortly after 1525, making it the oldest in the Netherlands. Along the same road is also a transverse barn from 1750, such a barn was used as a granary. The shed was rebuilt at this location in 2008. During the walk, part of the former German Lijntje will also be followed. The railroad was opened in 1878, so that it could become part of the fastest connection London-Berlin-St Petersburg. What remains is a last remaining stretch of railway between Boxtel and Veghel.

Groene Woud

Download PDf for route description.

Map & Poi's.

POI 3 - Groot Duijfhuis information point.

Part of the farm has been converted into an outdoor room and information point. In the outer room of Brabants Landschap you can find information about the architectural changes over time, who the residents were and which plants and animals live in the area.

Groot Duijfhuis Information Point.