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Honegem Nature Reserve

  • Author: TrailExplorer

Honegem Nature Reserve

This walk goes through the Honegem nature reserve, where the landscape consists of hedges, pollard willows and rows of trees. From the Paddenhoek the route goes along the meandering Molenbeek to the Cottem mill. At the Turfputten you can take a look at the bird watch hut 't Rot.

Distance: 11 km.

Time: 2h30.

Grade: Easy.

Type: Circular.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: Yes.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Allowed.

Height gain: Flat.

Trail: Paved and unpaved.

Marking: Red square.

Hiking shoes recommended.

Gemene Weide.

The walk starts at the entrance of Terlinden Castle. You walk in the direction of the Molenbeek via footpaths and traffic-calmed roads. On the way you pass the Paddenhoek nature reserve. You follow the meandering Molenbeek to the Cottem mill. This watermill has been restored and is now in working order again. You continue through the Honegem nature reserve and along the way you will encounter some seepage sites, these are places where mineral-rich groundwater comes to the surface. In spring the grasslands turn pink due to thousands of Pentecost flowers and real cuckoo flowers, while rattles and marsh marigolds provide the yellow hues. Along the way you will come across a beautiful picnic spot. You pass the ‘Gemene Weide’. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the Honegemmeers was a so-called 'common meadow'. The meadow belonged to the municipality and every year on June 29 the constable came to sell the hay by auction. The next day the scythe mowing could begin. At the Turfputten you can take a detour to the viewing hut 't Rot. The last part you walk on traffic-calmed roads and unpaved roads back to the starting point.

Honegem Nature Reserve

Download PDF for complete route description.

Paths can be very swampy.

Map & Poi's.