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The Malpie

  • Author: TrailExplorer


A nice varied walk through the nature reserve De Malpie. From Borkel and Schaft it goes via the banks of the Dommel to the Malpie. Here you walk along various ponds, heaths and meadows to the Venberg Watermill. Through forests and heathland it goes back to the village.

Distance: 13 km.

Time: 3h30.

Grade: Moderate.

Type: Circular.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: Yes.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Allowed.

Height gain: Flat.

Trail: Mainly unpaved.

Marking: Walking nodes.

Hiking shoes recommended.


Wet nature pearl.

Soon you will leave this small village and walk along the banks of the Dommel to the Malpie. The Malpie is a heathland just below Valkenswaard with many large and small fens. The Dommel flows through this area from South to North, between the heathland and the meadows. You can take a rest in the Venberg water mill, when the weather is nice on the large terrace along the water. Then you walk back through the woods and heathland to the starting point.


Download PDf for route description.

Map & Poi's.

POI 1 - De Groote Heide.

The Malpie nature reserve is part of the De Groote Heide nature reserve park. The most famous of De Malpie nature reserve is the vast heathland with many large and small fens. The big ponds are the Molenven, Wasven, Pastoorsven, Vaarvennen and Groot Malpieven. Some fens, in particular the Molenven and the Pastoorsven, were probably built or used as fish ponds. The Vaarvennen have a natural origin: they are shaped like river valley fens, associated with the nearby Dommeldal. The heathland is one of the last remaining original heathland areas in Brabant. There is a large black-headed gull colony in the Vaarvennen. Sand drifts can be found locally, including near the Groot Malpieven. In the neighborhood of the water mill, fragrant gag struts are found. At the northern entrance of the area on the river we find the Venberg Watermill, located on the Dommel. This flows through the area, between the heathland and the meadows. On the east side of the Dommel are the Malpiebeemden, which consist of small fields of grassland, swamp forests and swamps. The brook valley, in which the most sandy soil alternates with nasty and loamy spots, forms a beautiful, smooth transition to the low-lying deck sands of the actual Malpie.

De Groote Heide.