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Eyre Du Teich

The walk goes through a beautiful marsh landscape along the estuary of the Eyre Du Teich and then via the outer borders of the Ornithological nature reserve of Le Teich. Due to the presence of swamps, reed fields and wet meadows, you can admire numerous migratory birds here, depending on the season. More than 80 species of birds also nest in this area. The beautiful views of the Eyre du Teich estuary and the Bay of Arcachon are the beautiful backdrop to this route.

Certes domain

This walk introduces you to the domain of Certes and Graveyron in the Maritime Natural Park of Arcachon Bay. This area, shaped by the hand of man, has had agricultural, salt, fishing and forestry purposes. It offers an exceptional landscape of dike areas, fish ponds and wet meadows. You will certainly spot birds of prey and sea birds along the way.