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Les Crocs

  • Author: TrailExplorer

Les Crocs

This varied walk introduces you to the natural beauty of the Bay of the Somme. Forest, beach and dunes are your companion on this challenging hike.

Distance: 16 km.

Time: 4h00.

Grade: Heavy.

Type: Circular.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: No.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Not allowed.

Height gain: 118 meters.

Trail: Paved and unpaved.

Marking: PR - Yellow dash.

Hiking shoes recommended.


Around Marquenterre.

You first go through a pine forest in the direction of the beach. After a steep climb over the first dune, you will be treated with a beautiful view of the sea. From the beach, at low tide you can see the poles on which the 'bouchots' (the small French mussels) are grown. Once through the dunes, follow the deserted beach to Banc de l'Illette. This is the extreme point of the Bay of the Somme opposite Le Hourdel. Continue along the beach next to the Parc du Marquenterre bird sanctuary. There is one viewing hut where you can take a look at this unique reserve. You leave the beach via the Sentier des Bergers and soon come to a viewpoint where you get a different view of the bird sanctuary. A little more plodding through the loose sand and you arrive at paved road. From now on is paved towards the starting point.

Les Crocs

You can only do this walk at low tide.

After Banc de l'Illette, stay near the beach.

Map & Poi's.