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  • Alquézar - Asque

    This walk starts in the picturesque village of Alquézar from where you descend into the beautiful gorge of the Rio Vero. From the gorge it goes to the hamlet of Asque, along the way you have beautiful views of Alquézar and you walk along olive and almond orchards. From the hamlet it goes back in the direction of the Rio Vero, but before you reach it you first have to go through a narrow gorge in the bed of a small river. You cross the Rio Vero via an old bridge to reach Alquézar after a steep climb.

  • Pasarelas del Vero

    Although you will never do this beautiful walk on your own, it is a must do if you are in the Alquézar area. You descend into the gorge between the Peña Castibián on the left and Muros de la Colegiata on the right until the Rio Vero. Once on the river bed you should definitely go to the Cueva de Picamartillo, this immense cave is opposite the Barranco de Fuente. Then it continues through the gorge via various spectacular metal walkways to reach a beautiful view platform.

  • Peña Falconera

    From the village of Morrano you first walk through a mosaic of oak, almond trees and fields. Then it continues through a pine forest to the famous rock formation Huevo de Morrano. Here the Peña Falconera in particular will stand out because of its rounded shape, this monolith consists of a mixture of sand and conglomerate that has been shaped by erosion. You will certainly be able to discover nests of griffon vultures in the rock walls of the Huevo de Morrano. You can also spot the rare bearded vulture here.

  • Portal Cunarda

    This trail goes from the small village of Colungo through the rugged Barranco Arruellos to the natural 'window' Portal Cunarda. Along the way you have beautiful views of the deep canyons and the highest peaks of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido nature park in the Pyrenees.

  • To the source of the Tamara

    This walking route has many different facets. From Salto de Bierge you follow the valley of the Alacanadre river along a panorama path. Along the way you have a nice viewpoint on the rock formation El Huevo where the Peña Falconera stands out the most. This rock is as it were the guardian of the spectacular gorge. You will pass the source of El Puntillo and then descend to the bank of the river where you will find a turquoise 'lagoon'. You cross the river via stepping stones to end up at the source of the Tamara at a nice picnic area. With a little luck you can see wild goats balancing on the flanks of the ridge.

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