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  • Canal del Cinca

    Canal del Cinca

    Beautiful walk on the path that was used for the construction of the Cinca canal. Along the way you have beautiful views of the Cinca valley and you walk a on the concrete roof of the canal. In short, a walk in beautiful nature with a bit of history.

  • Faja Canarellos

    This route goes through a beech forest to the waterfall of Cuatuero, then you continue to the walls of the Pico Francata where the Faja Canarellos starts. The panoramas on the valleys are absolutely stunning. After the descent you get a nice extra with the waterfalls of the Rio Arazas.

  • Faja Racón

    Most people take the popular hike to the Faja de Pelay and Goriz refugio in the Ordesa valley. This walk is less well known but also highly recommended. During this walk you will cross the 'terrace' of Racón, which lies on the north side of the Valle de Ordesa. The views of the Cotatuero and Carriato valleys are really breathtaking.

  • Gargantes de Escuain

    The Esquain gorge is spectacular in itself, but this walk has a different purpose. The route takes you to the observation hut of Aves where you can see how vultures are fed at a relatively close distance. Griffon vultures and bearded vultures literally and figuratively fall from the sky. In addition to this spectacle, you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings during the walk.

  • Los Miradores de Revilla

    This short walk goes along the edge of the Gorges de Escuain to two beautiful viewpoints. Not only do you have a beautiful view of the gorge and the surrounding area, but you will certainly be able to observe griffon vultures and the endangered bearded vulture up close.

  • The gorge of Anisclo

    This beautiful walk goes through the gorge of Anisclo and follows the course of the Rio Bello to La Ripareta. Along the way you will encounter numerous waterfalls and ancient beech trees. You get the views of the Monte Perdido massif as a bonus.

  • The valley of Bujaruelo

    This adventurous gps walk leads you through the beautiful Bujaruelo valley along the banks of the Rio Ara. When we cross the Ara via a beautiful bridge, the adventure begins. We enter the wilderness, first it goes steeply up through a forest and then we walk around a few canyons. The descent then goes towards the beautiful Otal valley until you reach the Otal river. The third part is then quietly strolling on a dirt road and a good path towards the starting point.

  • Waterfall of La Larri

    This walk takes you to the beautiful waterfall of La Larri at the end of the Cirque de la Pineta. To get to the plain of Llanos de la Larri you have to climb a while, but once at the plain it is a a quiet walk to the waterfall.

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