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  • To the Halsche Beemden

    Walking tour through the forest area of Sparrenrijk, the Eikenhorst estate, through the Halsche Beemden in the basin of the Essche Stroom also called Esschestroom and the walking park Molenwijk.

  • To the Kienehoef

    Hike to the recreation park Kienehoef and then along the Dommel on the outskirts of Sint-Oedenrode, through the old town center and the Dommel valley back to Olland.

  • To the Sint Anthonis forest

    A varied walking tour that goes through two village centers, agricultural area and the Sint Anthonis forest. The village centers of Sint Anthonis and Oploo are nice places with a watermill in the town of Oploo also known as D'n Olliemeulen and a standing mill De Korenbloem as place of interest.

  • To Weerter forest

    Hike through the Hugter heath and the Weerter forest. The Hugter heather consists of shifting dunes mainly overgrown with pines, in the forest area often nice winding forest paths are followed. The Weerter forest is located in a lowland area with fens, marshy areas and a large area of open grasslands. From an observation tower you have a beautiful view over the grasslands.

  • Torreven Tour

    Hike from Mariahout through some small but beautiful nature reserves such as the Keelgras, the Mosbulten, water extraction area in the forests of Olen and the Mariahoutse forests, also known as Lieshoutse Bossen or Lieshoutse Heide.

  • Waterpoort Tour

    Kasteel Croy

    Walking tour rich in water for those who love village views and walking through the green edges around the two villages of Beek en Donk and Aarle-Rixtel. Both villages are separated by the Wilhelmina Canal but connected by the Zuid-Willemsvaart, the Aa stream valley and the Goorloop stream.

  • Wijboschbroek Tour

    Walking tour through the Wijboschbroek and Smaldonken, a sub-area of the Wijboschbroek. The Wijboschbroek nature reserve used to be an area of swamp forests, the word 'broek' in the name indicates that it is a wet area.

  • Wijstgronden Tour

    Walking tour through nature reserve Annabos and the Loose Beemd in the wet nature pearl Wijstgrond Uden. Furthermore, the hike goes through the forest area the Bedafse Bergen with a high drifting sand ridge.

  • Zevenhutten Tour

    Hiking tour for the lover of river landscapes. The walk goes over dikes and through the flood plains of the Maas. Natural hedges can be seen in these floodplains, the Maas hedges. These hedges consist of living hawthorns or blackthorns woven together.

  • Zwartenberg Tour

    Hiking tour through a landscape with plots of coniferous forest interspersed with meadows, cropland and the stream valley of the Kleine Beerze.

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