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  • Roosdonck Tour

    Walking tour through the Papenvoortse Heide, Geeneindse Heide and the Nuenens Broek. The Papenvoort Heide and Geeneindse Heide, both sub-areas of the Stiphout forests, are originally production forests with mainly pine and spruce. Current management has made it a more varied forest area. There are a dozen larger and smaller fens in the area that enliven the area, the hike goes along some of these fens.

  • Stegebergse Tour

    Walking tour through the forest Nederheide and Stippelberg estate for lovers of walking tours in forests. The Nederheide is originally a clearing forest that is increasingly evolving into a varied forest.

  • Stippelberg Tour

    Walking tour through the nature reserves Beestenveld, Klotterpeel and the Stippelberg estate. Together with the Nederheide, these areas form the largest contiguous nature reserve in East Brabant.

  • Stones of Salvation Tour

    Walking tour through the Peelse heather, the Reuselse Moeren and the Kroonvense heather. The hike starts in the Peelse heather, this area used to consist of wild soil but was cultivated in the period 1930-1945 and largely planted with pine. Yet this forest area has much to offer such as the small and the large circle, a small piece of Paris near Reusel.

  • The Bedafse and Slabroekse Hills

    Walking tour through the Bedafse Bergen and the Slabroekse Hills both parts of the nature reserve The Maashorst. The Maashorst is a more or less contiguous landscape park that consists of forests, heathland areas, open grassland, agricultural area, old-fashioned farmland with fields, wet grasslands and wooded banks during the walking tour one gets acquainted with this variety in landscapes.

  • The Convex Field

    Walking tour along De Bakelse Plassen, through the forest area Nederheide and the forest area Grotelsche Heide also called Grotelsche Bos.

  • The Groespeel

    Walking tour through the Molenheide and Groespeel forest areas. From the town of Mill the walking tour goes towards Sint Hubert. A part of the former German Railroad "Duits Lijntje" is followed between the two places.

  • The Kattelaarsput

    Walking tour through the Beerze valley, past well-known but also less well-known fens in the Kampina and through the Banisveld. On the Kampina the walking tour goes along three famous fens; Belversven, Huisvennen and the Zandbergsvennen. Lesser known fens are the Klein Glasven, Kattelaarsput and the Ansumven. These are on the edge of the Kampina and the brook valley, which makes them richer in food, the fens have been cleaned up and are clearly visible in the landscape.

  • The Malpie

    A nice varied walk through the nature reserve De Malpie. From Borkel and Schaft it goes via the banks of the Dommel to the Malpie. Here you walk along various ponds, heaths and meadows to the Venberg Watermill. Through forests and heathland it goes back to the village.

  • The Mussenkeet Tour

    Walking tour through the Deurnsche Peel and the small peel village of Griendtsveen. The Mussenkeet, also written as the Muschenkeet, was a shack that consisted of peat, planks, rushes and other cheap building materials. The name was probably a corruption of 'de Musch's shack' every peat cutter knew the place. Such shacks usually served as temporary accommodation for seasonal workers.

  • Through the brook valley of the Aa

    Walking tour along the river Aa between Erp and Veghel for the lover of open landscapes.

  • Through the Maasheggen

    Walking tour through a mesh hedge landscape. A unique landscape of small parcels mainly of grassland separated by hawthorn or blackthorn hedges. The hedges are braided so close together that they form an impenetrable barrier. In the past they also served as a natural fence for cattle. The dense hedges also make a great breeding ground for birds.

  • Through the northern Groote Heide

    The hike goes through the northern part of the Groote Heide with some beautiful fens such as the Drooge Meerven, the Deep Meerven, the Veeven and the Klein Huisven.

  • Through the Nuenens Broek

    Walking tour through the edge of Nuenen, the agricultural area between Nuenen and Gerwen and through the town of Gerwen. But also through the edge of the Papenvoortse Heide, Geeneindse Heide and through the Nuenens Broek.

  • Through the Oude Hondsberg

    Walk of 15 km through the nature reserves Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen, the Oude Hondsberg and Ter Braakloop.

  • Through the Scheeken

    Walking tour through 'Het Groene Woud', the nature areas Scheeken-Mortelen, Heerenbeek, 't Veldersbosch on the Velder estate and De Scheeken are visited.

  • Through the valley of the Beerze

    The walking tour is largely devoted to the Beerze stream. Strictly speaking, the stream starts in the Baest estate, where the Grote Beerze and Kleine Beerze converge. The stream then flows north of the estate through the Baest / Kattelaars Broek area, past Spoordonk, through the Valley of the Beerze and the Kampina to Lennisheuvel where the Beerze will be called Smalwater. The walking tour goes through the areas of Baest / Kattenbergs Broek, Valley of the Beerze and the southern part of the Kampina.

  • To Estate The Hoevens

    Walking tour through the Nieuwkerk estate, the edge of the Regte Heide, the Hoevens estate, the Ooijevaarsnest and the Halve Maan. During the hike you will pass the Poppelse Leij and the beautiful brook valley of the Lei twice.

  • To Kasteren

    Walking tour through the Dommel valley and through the hamlet of Kasteren in the National Landscape Het Groene Woud. The Dommel valley consists of meadows, fields and bushes. The meadows consist of wet grasslands.

  • To the Bossche Broek

    Walking tour through the Haanwijk estate, the Bossche Broek and the Sterrenbosch estate, with the river Dommel as an eye-catcher.

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