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  • Along Halder

    Walking tour through Zegenwerp estate, Venrode estate, Sparrenrijk forest area, Eikenhorst estate and the Halsche Beemden.

  • Bebakende Dijk Route

    Walking tour through the Cleefswit, De Sijp, Bunthorst, Groote Slink and De Krim estates. The mentioned estates are mined Peel areas. Before this reclamation, this region was an endless barren plain that offered no shelter anywhere.

  • Bougheim Route

    Walking tour through a Maas hedges landscape and the Vilt, an old Maasmeander. The name Bougheim is an old name for Beugen, it is the description of a settlement in the bend of the Maas.

  • Cranendonck Forest

    Hike through the Cranendonck forest and along the edge of the Molenheide.

  • Flaes Tour

    Walking tour along the Reusel stream, through De Utrecht Estate and along the Raamsloop stream. De Utrecht estate is a varied area of forests, fens and heathland.

  • Fractures and Vine grounds

    Walking tour in the Maashorst through Annabos, Loose Beemd, Revennekes, Slabroek. Through the forest area the Bedafse Bergen and the Slabroekse Bergen. Vine grounds are marshy to permanently wet, high soils immediately adjacent to a fracture.

  • Groene Dijk Tour

    Groene Dijk

    A walk for those who love river landscapes and who do not find any other dike traffic too annoying. The walking tour starts in Haren and after leaving Haren goes over the Groene Dijk as this dike is mentioned on topographical maps from 1840 and later.

  • Hazenputten Route

    Walking tour through the Vressels forest, Vresselsche fields and the Dommel meadows. Anyone who now walks through the Vressels forest with the beautiful Hazenputten fen area will hardly be able to imagine that there was hardly a tree to be seen here in the last century. The area consisted largely of sand drifts and heathland.

  • Heerenbeek and Mortelen Tour

    Walking tour through the Heerenbeek and de Mortelen estate. These areas lie in the heart of the National Landscape Het Groene Woud.

  • Heerendonk Tour

    Walking tour through Son en Breugel, the Dommel stream valley south of the Wilhelmina Canal, through Nederwetten, the Wettens Broek & Breugelsche Beemden, the hamlet of Stad van Gerwen and the bassin of the Breugelsche Beek.

  • Herbertus Tour

    Walking tour through the Herbertus forests, the Lange Bleek, Someren heath and over the Strabrecht heath. The Herbertus forests are named after Herbertus van Heeze, the first Lord of Heeze. It is an old forest with high ascending deciduous and softwood, but also with small grasslands that offer beautiful views.

  • Hezelaarsbroek Tour

    Boskant is an agricultural village with several large tree nurseries in the area and is located in the National Landscape Het Groene Woud. The walking tour passes by plots of these tree nurseries, through the Hulstsche Broek, the Hezelaarsbroek, the Scheeken and Scheeken-De Mortelen.

  • Kanonsberg Route

    Just like the Munseheide route and the Slabroek route, this walking tour goes through the Maashorst nature reserve. The Maashorst consists of a number of very different landscape types, there are forests, scattered heaths, a few ponds, an agricultural area in the center and a large grazing area called the Brobbelbies.

  • Keent Tour

    Walking tour for the lover of panoramic views of floodplains along the Maas, where you can also stroll through grassland. The walk takes you past the Hertogswetering, through the Keent, the Mariëndaal estate and the small Lievendael estate.

  • Klokkenberg Tour

    The walking tour goes through the Overloon Dunens forest area and along the Loobeek stream. Overloon is best known for its National War and Resistance Museum.

  • Landgoed d'Utrecht

    You walk along the meandering Reusel to the Den Bockenreyder inn. From here it goes along the large fen De Flaes to the Flaestoren, a spiral that takes you 24 meters up. Above you have an incredible 360 ° panorama. Along the Goorven it goes back to the starting point. The walk goes for the most part over sandy roads and small forest paths.

  • Landschotsche Heather Tour

    Walking tour through the Aardbossen, the Landschotsche Heide, Kuikseindsche Heide and Molenbroek. The Aardbossen is a narrow forest area that is crossed by the Groote Beerze.

  • Lommel Sahara Tour

    Walking tour through Stevensbergen, Blekerheide, the Lommel Sahara and the Venakkerbos. Stevenbergen is a small nature reserve that lies in the middle of the municipal forests of Luyksgestel.

  • Malpie Tour

    A large part of the hike goes through the Malpie nature reserve. Before visiting the Malpie, the tour goes along the Malpiebeemden, through Opperheide forest and along the river Dommel.

  • Munse heather Route

    Walking tour through a surprisingly varied landscape in the Maashorst. The area consists of a number of very different landscape types: forests, four scattered heaths, a few ponds, farmland with fields, wet grasslands and wooded banks.

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