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  • Along the Koorde Canal

    Walking tour through the Nederheide, the Stippelberg, the Beestenveld and the Klotterpeel. Together these areas form the largest contiguous nature reserve in the east of North Brabant.

  • Around the Beuven

    Walking tour over the Lieropsche Heide and the Strabrechtse Heide. The Strabrechtse Heide is a nature reserve of approximately 1500 ha.

  • Brabantse Wal - Frog Path

    This short walking route passes eleven large and small fens, including the Forgotten Ven, Driebloksven and Oude Wasseven. In addition, the path leads along forest, heath and cultural landscape. With a little luck you will come across a herd of sheep or deer on the way. Or you can hear a concert of the many songbirds. Each season has its own appearance, but especially in August, when the heather blooms, this is highly recommended.

  • Cartierheide

    This gps walking route goes through the De Kempen Forestry, along the Cartierheide, through forest and along the heathland in development. In De Kempen, on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, civilization is far away with the exception of the short stretch next to the motorway. Sandy roads lead past fields and through endless forests. Where the pine forests give way, lies the large, quiet heath with drifting sand and swamps.

  • Dommelbeemden Tour

    Walking tour along the Dommel, through the Vressel forest, along the Moerkuilen and through the Dommel meadows.

  • Esperloop Tour

    Walking tour through the Grotelsche heather, also known as the Grotelsche forest. The area consists of alternating forests, some small heaths and larger areas of grassland. The heathland area was planted with pines in the 1930s of the 20th century, as in so many places in Brabant. A few agricultural plots were added to the area in 2005, creating a nice combination of woodland with vistas and open grasslands.

  • Huis ter Heide

    Huis ter Heide Estate is located between the villages De Moer and Loon op Zand, northwest of Tilburg. It is a 958 ha attractive nature reserve with fens, fields, varied deciduous and coniferous forests and a country house from 1864. City noises and highway nuisance rarely penetrate the forest area. During this short but varied walk you have a beautiful view of the Leikeven halfway. You will find Scottish Highlanders in the area. These large grazers ensure a better soil structure and variation in vegetation.

  • Landgoed De Moeren

    This gps walk starts in De Moeren. The entire estate consists of forest, heath and agricultural areas. This whole is separated by many avenues and canals, which also form the characteristic landscape. The second part leads through the De Pannenhoef nature reserve with a beautiful moorland and pine forests.

  • Landschotse Heide

    This varied walk goes through forests and heathland, along various fens such as Kromven, Wit Hollandven and Keijenhurk. At the end you walk along the Kleine Beerze.

  • Liessel forests

    This walking tour goes through the outskirts of Liessel including the hamlet of Leensel and the forests of Liessel. The Liessel forest can be classified as a typical Brabant forest. It is a young pine forest area that has been planted on a former drifting sand area.

  • Panorama Path Bergeyk

    The Plateaux forms a whole with the Belgian nature reserve Hageven to the south of Valkenswaard and lies between dry sandy soils and the Dommel stream valley. Enjoy the varied landscape during this walk. Walk across the flow meadows, walk through the forest and stroll along the hiking trails between heathland and fens. Without realizing it, you crossed the border over the winding paths and you are in Belgium.

  • The Bunthorst

    Walking tour through the Bunthorst, Groote Slink and Krim estates. The three areas are mined sub-areas of a much larger Peel area that has once been in this area. The peeling area consisted of an immense bare plain that offered no shelter anywhere. Much of the Peel area has been cultivated as an agricultural area.

  • The Twelve Fens Tour

    Walking tour for the lover of forest walks. The hike goes through the Stiphout forests, a forest area on the border of the three municipalities of Helmond, Laarbeek and Nuenen, Gerwen and Nederwetten.

  • To the Oude Bakelsedijk

    Walking tour from the Nederheide nature gate through the Stippelberg nature reserve. The Stippelberg consists of two parts, the eastern part consists of beautiful avenues that belong to the country house, the western part consists of pine forest with dots in the landscape.

  • To the Ruweeuwsels

    Walking tour through Stiphout forests, the hamlet of Achterbosch and the Ruweeuwsels. The Stiphout forests is a forest area on the border of the three municipalities of Helmond, Laarbeek and the municipality of Nuenen, Gerwen and Nederwetten. The walking tour goes through the Stiphout forests through the Molenheide and Geeneindse Heide areas.

  • Vressels forest

    Walking tour through the Vresselsbos also called Vressels Bos, Vresselse Bos or Vresselsche Bosch. Not only does the name have quite a few variations, the area itself is a beautifully varied area with narrow winding forest paths interspersed with wide forest paths with some small fens in the forest.

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