• Around the Rodeberg

    This beautiful walk takes you from the Sulferberg, a complex of spring forests, through an open landscape to the Hellegatbos. From the Rodeberg you walk to the beautiful Douve valley. Wooden stairs lead you through the Broekelzen nature reserve, the source area of the Broekelzenbeek. You walk back to Westouter past meadows and fields with beautiful views.

  • Dune Reserve De Westhoek

    The seaside town of De Panne is rightly proud of its dune heritage and has developed numerous hiking trails. This walk gives you a view of the surprisingly beautiful nature on the West Coast. The dune reserve De Westhoek, together with the Calmeyn forest, the Krakeel- and the Oosterhoek dunes, forms the largest dune massif on the Belgian coast.

  • The Dode IJzer

    The walk first goes to the Dode IJzer, an old meander of the Yzer. Then you walk along the Zwijnbeek, the Yser and the Heidebeek to reach the picturesque village of Haringe. Via country, church and quiet roads you walk to the other side of Roesbrugge to return along the banks of the Yser.

  • The Palingbeek

    The walk goes through the nature reserve of the Palingbeek, along the former Ypres-Komen canal, through the Gasthuis forests and past war memories such as Mont Sorell, Hill 62, Maple Copse, Hill 60 and Spoilbank Cemetery.

  • Zwin walking route

    The Zwin hiking route introduces you to the great diversity of natural values and landscapes in Knokke-Heist. From the Zwin Nature Park or the Oosthoek you stroll through the 'Zwinduinen and -polders' and explore the 'Hazegraspolder'. Old seawall dikes bear witness to the fight against the sea. You walk through the 'Koningsbos', over wooden paths and between Scottish highland cattle. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Zwin plain.