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  • Antitankgracht and Haachts Broek

    The Antitankgracht and the adjacent Haachts Broek are a beautiful walking area with bridges and bat paths. The canal that once had to stop the German tanks is now full of aquatic life. While walking you occasionally come across a herd of large grazers that provide open spaces. The abandoned bunkers on your path are the permanent hibernation site for bats.

  • Averbode Forest and Heather

    This walking route, on the transition from the Kempen to the Hageland, goes through the beautiful nature area Averbode Bos and Heide. Vast forests alternate with fens, marshes, heathland and heathland grasslands.

  • Broekem Walk

    The walk starts at Horst Castle, the home of cartoon character De Rode Ridder. Through an open landscape it goes in the direction of Troostemberg forest. After a detour through this beautiful beech forest, a descent to the green valley from the Winge stream to the Gempe mill begins. Along rolling fields with beautiful views of the Hageland Hills, it goes back to the starting point.

  • Demerbroeken

    This walk goes through the Demerbroeken nature reserve with alternating reed bushes, hay meadows and woods along the way. On your path you will pass the Maagdentoren and at the Hemmekes you will board an authentic flat-bottomed boat from the 19th century. You can enjoy a beautiful panorama on the Voortberg.

  • Doode Bemde

    This walk first goes through the Doode Bemde nature reserve, the confluence of IJse and Dijle. This area is a mosaic of small fields, poplar plantations and bushes, meadows, rough and reed fields with the meandering Dyle as the backdrop. Afterwards, you rise from Neerijse to the ridge between the Voer and Dijle Valley, where the beautiful views in a rolling landscape show a completely different landscape. The hollow roads that you take are stunning.

  • Hellepad

    This nature walk in the Brabantse Kouters takes you to meadows, brook valleys and forest edges. In prominent spots are information panels about cultural-historical facts or about nature. D'Helle or dells are small brook valleys or creeks. These dells are situated in the continuation of the Wedbeek. Wed or wad are fordable places.

  • Molenheide

    On the border of the Kempen and the Hageland lies the beautiful Demer valley, this nature walk goes from the Heimill, through forests at the picturesque village of Langdorp. Afterwards you follow the banks of the Demer river into the nature reserve Demerbroeken.

  • Mollendaal Forest

    This walk takes you on a varied trip through the beautiful Mollendaal forest with thick oaks and stately beech trees, after which you can enjoy the beautiful views of the vast fields and walk through picturesque sunken roads.

  • The Hageland Valley

    This walk goes through the nature reserves Dunbergbroek and Kloosterbroekbos in the Hageland Valley. Very pure seepage water flows from the foot of the surrounding Hageland hills, so that large parts of the Winge valley are still very wet. The walk goes through beautiful mixed forests, along the meandering Winge and hay meadows where a herd of foxhead sheep takes care of the grazing. With a little luck you will spot a kingfisher.

  • Torfbroek and Silsom Forest

    This walk goes over a wide agricultural plain to the Grevelberg where you have beautiful views in all directions. Then you walk through the oldest nature reserve in Flanders, the Torfbroek. Via the village of Nederokkerzeel you walk to the Silsombos, a beautiful forest with limy grasslands. Watch out for the Black Lady.

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