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  • Gallo-Roman site of Cars

    This beautiful walk is a combination of nature and history. During the walk you can first enjoy a very varied landscape and second admire the beautiful Gallo-Roman site of Cars. The hamlet Variéras with its houses with thatched roofs and the Roman bridge of Variéras are the other eye-catchers of this route.

  • La Tourbière du Longeyroux

    Due to the diversity of its flora and fauna, due to the unusual nature of its landscapes, makes the peat area of Longeyroux of 250 hectares one of the natural pearls of the Millevaches plateau. This walking route shows you all aspects of this unique area.

  • Suc au May

    Above and below the Cirque de Freysselines does not disappoint the walker: the panorama at the summit of Suc-au-May is breathtaking and on the slopes of the three mountains that form the Cirque, puy de Chauzeix, Suc-au-May and puy de la Jarrige, we can still admire the tapestries of heathland that were sung by Jean Ségurel, the 'famous' accordionist.

  • The mill of Chadebec

    This walk offers you a nice overview of the contrasts of the Bonnefond plateau: a patchwork of forest, meadows and heath. In this area are the sources of the Corrèze, the river is in these highlands no more than a babbling brook.

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