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  • Aldenghoor Tour

    Hiking tour dominated by stream valleys. You pass three streams the Haelens Beek and in the nature reserve the Leudal along the Leubeek and the Roggelse Beek.

  • Along Groot Buggenum castle


    Walking tour along the Haelense Beek, which is called Uffelse Beek downstream from the built-up area of Grathem. The walking tour continues through the Beegderheide and the Exatenbosch.

  • Along Hoensbroek castle

    Voerendaal station

    Point to point hike from Voerendaal to Nuth for lovers of views and castles. The walking tour goes past five castles, along the Huisbergerbeek and the Geleenbeek. The castles that are visited are: Cortenbach Castle, Puth Castle, Rivieren Castle, Wijnandsrade Castle and Hoensbroek Castle.

  • Along the Curfsgroeve


    Walk along the Geul river and over the sloped forests in the Geul valley. The walk goes along the Geul river, past the Curfsgroeve and through the Dellen and Meerssenerbroek nature reserves.

  • Along the Pijp

    De Groote Peel National Park is a beautiful hiking area with a rich nature. The former peat bog area also has a special history, many traces of which can still be seen in the field. The history of peat extraction and other uses of the peat also lives on in the many field names.

  • Areven Tour

    Walking tour through GrensPark Kempen-Broek on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. The walking tour goes through the nature reserves Areven, Stramprooierheide and in the Stramprooierbroek along the Abeek a stream that forms the border with the Netherlands.

  • Bergerheide Tour

    Walking tour through the Bosserheide and the Bergerheide both areas are part of the Maasduinen National Park. The Bosserheide is an area that consists of coniferous forest with small open spaces with heather and drifting sand. The Bergerheide consists of coniferous and heathland areas, drifting sands and a number of fens.

  • Bleijenbeek Tour

    Walking tour through the Bleijenbeek estate, the Eckelse Bergen, along the Eendenmeer on the Gemeenteheide and along the Driessenven in the Bergerheide.

  • Busjop Tour

    Walking tour through the Leudal, the Heijerhof estate and the Exatenbosch. During the walking tour you pass three streams, the Roggelse Beek, the Tungelroysche Beek, which downstream is called the Leubeek and the Haelense Beek.

  • Elsbeemden Tour


    Walking tour through the Blakterbeekpark, the Heesbeemden, the Van Zwienen Bos, the Elsbeemden and along the Groote Molenbeek.

  • Estate de Hamert Tour

    Walking tour through the Hamert estate, along the Gelderns-Niers canal and through the floodplains of the Maas in De Maasduinen National Park.

  • Esven Tour

    The hike starts in the floodplains of the Maas and follows the Eckelse stream to the Berger forest. The Berger forest is a sub-area of the Maasduinen National Park. The park owes its name to the striking drifting sand ridges called parabolic dunes.

  • Gitstapper Mill Tour

    The hike starts at the Visitor Center National Park De Meinweg and goes through a part of the National Park De Meinweg and then returns along the German side of the Rode Beek.

  • IJzeren Man Tour

    The hike starts at the Nature and Environmental Center De IJzeren Man and goes through the rich recreational and nature area De IJzeren Man, the forest area west of Altweerterheide and through the edge of the Kruispeel along the Tungelroyse Beek via the sand extraction area that will be built in the future as a nature reserve.

  • Island in the Meuse

    During this walk you will explore an Island in the Meuse. Stevensweert and Ohé en Laak are located on an island between two Maas arms, which has influenced the history of both villages.

  • Leudal tour

    Walking tour through the Leudal nature reserve, a wooded area with stream valleys and a higher open area with heath. The Leubeek (upstream the Tungelroyse Beek) and the Zelsterbeek flow through the area, the hike follows both streams with nice height differences in various places such as the Litsberg with a steep sand wall with the meandering Leubeek at its foot. On the higher part of the area, the walk goes through the Busjop burial ground, a vast burial ground with 17 burial mounds, including a long bed.

  • Molenbroek Tour

    Walking tour through the Areven nature reserve, the stream valley of the Tungelroy Brook and the forest area the Tungelerwallen.

  • Mookerheide

    This walking tour goes through the Mookerheide, the forest of Groesbeek and through the Sint-Jansberg nature reserve. The Mookerheide is located on the spur of the Nijmegen moraine and has significant height differences. Because of this, people have beautiful views over the land of Cuijk at some points.

  • Nederpeel - The short trip

    Hike through the Spanish Forest, Nederpeel, Grote and Kleine Moost and Waterboem.

  • Ravenvennen Tour

    Walking tour in the Maasduinen National Park through the nature reserves Arcen Estate, the Ravenvennen and through Barbara's Weerd. The Leeremarksche Heide in nature reserve Arcen Estate and the Lommerheide and Schandelosche Heide in nature reserve Ravenvennen are varied forest areas with differences in height due to drifting dunes in various places, there is not much heathland to see, contrary to what the names suggest.

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