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  • Around Bemelen

    A nice walk through a very varied landscape with fields, limestone grasslands, grooves, orchards and hedges in the area of the village of Bemelen, just east of Maastricht on the edge of the Maas valley and the Margraten plateau. You go along the flank of the Bemelerberg, one of the most striking parts of the Heuvelland, the Schaandertbosje and the Hamster nature reserve.

  • Gerendal

    The Gerendal is a nature and hiking area in Valkenburg a / d Geul. During this short but spirited walk you will pass the local orchid garden and continue along hillside forests, orchards, meadows and hedges. The grazing herd of Mergelland sheep complete this idyllic landscape.

  • The Gulperberg

    This hiking route takes you to the southern hamlet of Landsrade, between the rolling hills, the vast farmlands and the waving fields. On the Gulperberg you have a beautiful view of the Heuvelland and in the area of the hamlet Landsrade you walk along meadows and forest edges with beautiful views along the way.

  • The Margraten plateau

    This gps walk goes through the beautiful South Limburg hills. The route starts in the hamlet of Honthem and goes via paved and unpaved paths along fields and orchards to the hamlet of Bruisterbosch. Along the way you have beautiful views of the rolling landscape of the Margraten plateau without having to make many altimeters yourself. During the walk you will pass the American Cemetery Margraten. This cemetery contains a total of 8,301 Americans buried in as many graves. Two unknown soldiers are buried in one grave and one is empty. The body of PFC Joseph Fletcher Hill was returned to America on April 28, 2001.

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