• Hermitage of Vrijhern

    A varied walk through sloping Haspengouw. On this walk you get a mixture of vistas, hollow roads, orchards, meadows, fields and numerous chapels.

  • Province of Limburg

    The province of Limburg consists of four regions, namely the Voer region, Hesbaye, the Meuseland and the Campine. Each region has its own characteristics, but nature is central to each of these regions.

  • The Maten

    Between Genk and Hasselt lies the De Maten nature reserve that will play the leading role in this walk today. First you walk through the Diepenbeker forest and then via the Stiemerbeek to the Slag mill. From here it continues along a swampy nature trail that has beautiful views of the ponds of the nature reserve. Just past two bunkers that were part of the line of defense during the Second World War, we stop briefly at a bird watching wall that offers a beautiful panorama of the Augustinian ponds.