• An old Roman road

    This walk goes over the nice Passerelle Des Oiseaux to a watchtower from which you have a beautiful view of Martelange. The route continues through the village of Martelange before starting a steep climb. You enter the forest of Anlier, this is the largest forest landscape in Belgium whit oaks and beech trees. In the forest you follow an old Roman road that ran from Trier to Tongeren.

  • Around Dohan

    From Dohan, the walk rises high above the valley and you immediately get some beautiful views. Then you walk through mixed forests to the Semois. You follow the course of the Semois to the viewpoint on the Roche De La Chevauchée.

  • Around Les Hayons

    The walk goes along the banks of the Semois to the viewpoint Saut Des Sorcières. Then you walk through beautiful mixed forests in the valley of the Ruisseau Des Aleines to the Roche Colas Tcha Tcha. From the hamlet of La Cornette you walk back to the starting point through forests.

  • Chemin de la Clairière

    The walk introduces you to La Clairière, which means open space, between the villages of Anlier, Louftémont, Behême and Vlessart. You go through the valley of the Ruisseau in an open landscape with beautiful views and through the forest of Anlier.

  • Cornichai

    Walk through mixed forests to the hamlet of Géripont and through a more open landscape with beautiful views.

  • Crêtes de Frahan

    This beautiful walk goes over the Crêtes de Frahan to the small hamlet of Frahan. Here you cross the Semois and the climb to Rochehaut begins. From this village you walk on a beautiful forest road back to Poupehan.

  • Des Vannettes

    This walk goes from Neufchâteau through the forest of Ospau to the hamlet of Montplainchamps. Furthermore, you walk past the Center Ardenne observatory to the beautiful valley of the Ruisseau De Neufchâteau. In the hamlet of Warmifontaine you pass the cave of Notre-Dame De Lourdes. Through a more open landscape, with beautiful views, you walk to Lake Neufchâteau.

  • Le Tombeau du Géant

    This beautiful walk goes from the famous viewpoint Le Tombeau du Géant along the banks of the Semois to Bouillon. Along the way, it is climbing and descending with alternating beautiful views and old mixed forests. The view of Bouillon from the lookout tower on the Belvédère d'Auclin is really beautiful.

  • Les Quatre Fils Aymon

    This walk goes through the forest of Rulles which, together with the forest of Anlier and Chenel, forms the largest beech forest in Belgium. The black stork breeds in the forest, but deer, roe deer and wild boar also have their habitat here. The name of the walk refers to the old song of the four sons of Aymon, who traveled from place to place to sing short stories.

  • The Abbey of Orval

    The Abbey Notre-Dame d'Orval, founded in 1132 and one of the most beautiful Cistercian abbeys of Belgium, is the starting point of this cross-border course of about 11 kilometers. Even though one can not visit the famous brewery and the abbey itself, the ruins of the old abbey are equally interesting. The uniform ruins (protected monument) of the old abbey dating from the 12th to the 13th century, as well as the modern buildings of the new Orval abbey, are well worth a visit.

  • The forest of Conques

    This walk goes through the forest of Conques to the viewpoint of Libaipire. Here you have a beautiful view of Le Tombeau Du Chevalier, a meander of the Semois. From the forest you descend to the banks of the Semois. You follow the bank of the Semois to the starting point, you might spot kingfishers along the way.

  • The forest of Cugnon

    This walk takes you high above the Semois along a beautiful forest path to follow the course of the Ruisseau De Muno afterwards. Wide forest roads lead you to Remacle's cave. The viewpoint above the cave gives you a beautiful panorama of the Semois and the surrounding area.

  • The Roche à l'Appel

    A short but exceptional walk in the Ardenne et Gaume nature reserve with its magnificent geological rock formation Roche à l'Appel. Hikers must have a good condition to cope with the winding, sometimes quite steep paths. The circuit on and around the Roche à l'Appel is very special. Geologists from all over the world come here to amaze themselves at this rock mass which consists mainly of pudding stone.

  • Valley of the Arlune

    This walk starts in Louftémont, which means wolf mountain. You will not encounter wolves, but you will enjoy the nice views of the rolling landscape with old mowing meadows. In the forest of Anlier you walk through the beautiful valley of the Arlune with some peat areas where the inhabitants of the surrounding villages cut peat. The combination of forest and open meadows also makes this an ideal habitat for birds of prey such as the buzzard, sparrow hawk, kestrel and Montagu's harrier.