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  • Antitankgracht and Haachts Broek

    The Antitankgracht and the adjacent Haachts Broek are a beautiful walking area with bridges and bat paths. The canal that once had to stop the German tanks is now full of aquatic life. While walking you occasionally come across a herd of large grazers that provide open spaces. The abandoned bunkers on your path are the permanent hibernation site for bats.

  • Doode Bemde

    This walk first goes through the Doode Bemde nature reserve, the confluence of IJse and Dijle. This area is a mosaic of small fields, poplar plantations and bushes, meadows, rough and reed fields with the meandering Dyle as the backdrop. Afterwards, you rise from Neerijse to the ridge between the Voer and Dijle Valley, where the beautiful views in a rolling landscape show a completely different landscape. The hollow roads that you take are stunning.

  • Koeheide

    This beautiful walk takes you on hollow roads through the nature reserve Koeheide and the Bertem forest. The Koeheide nature reserve is home to various rare animal and plant species. Along the way you have beautiful views such as the view of the Zwanenberg.

  • Margijs Walk

    This walk takes you through the valley of the IJse to the Margijs forest. Via beautiful sunken roads you walk to the Doode Bemde nature reserve, one of the most beautiful green pearls in the Dijle valley. Here you will find a mosaic of small fields and copses, brush and reed beds, ponds and canals.

  • Torfbroek and Silsom Forest

    This walk goes over a wide agricultural plain to the Grevelberg where you have beautiful views in all directions. Then you walk through the oldest nature reserve in Flanders, the Torfbroek. Via the village of Nederokkerzeel you walk to the Silsombos, a beautiful forest with limy grasslands. Watch out for the Black Lady.

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