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  • Layensteig Strimmiger Berg

    This adventurous hike goes along the Mörsdorfer Bach and through the Flaubachtal to three consecutive klettersteigen: Burgberg, Kleine Kanzel and Schieferstollen. Along the way there are beautiful views of the Hunsrück and the Moselle Valley far into the Eifel. In addition, the path runs by old slate tunnels and reconstructed houses of the former slate mine workers.

  • National Park Center Falkenstein

    In the Falkenstein National Park Center you can easily spend a day, you can visit the 'House of the Wilderness', walk through the animal park to spot wolves, lynxes, wild horses and primal cattle. In the cave from the Stone Age you are taken to the paleolithic era thanks to the art-rock landscape to experience the changes in climate, landscape and nature from then to today.

  • National Park Center Lusen

    The Lusen National Park Center is ideal for a day trip with the whole family, you can visit the 'Hans Eisenmann House', where you can learn about the Bavarian Forest National Park in an interactive way with a permanent exhibition. The animal park is 200 hectares and introduces you to the typical animals that come from the Bavarian Forest such as lynx, wolves, bison, otters, bears and the capercaillie.

  • Rissloch waterfall

    The Rissloch waterfall and gorge are definitely worth a visit. You can reach it from the Wanderparkplatz-Risslochfalle via a steep path through the gorge or you can go to the waterfall via the walk below. The climb will be much quieter, less steep and you will encounter a small waterfall along the way.

  • Teufelstisch

    This hike in the Bavarian Forest National Park goes from the spa town of Bischofsmais to the Teufelstisch, a special rock formation at 901 meters high, to which a beautiful legend has been attributed. On the ridge you have a nice view of the castle ruins of Weißenstein and the provincial town of Regen.

  • The Geierlayschleife

    This walk goes from the village of Mörsdorf over the Geierlayschleife to the new foot suspension bridge over the valley in the Hunsrück. The bridge with its 360 meters is one of the longest in Europe and hangs about a hundred meters above the gorge, so a bit of an adventure! Along the way you will see the Fettsmühle, an old mill from the 15th century.

  • Traumschleife - Baybachklamm

    This adventurous walk goes through the narrow, deep Kerbtal of the Baybach along narrow paths and moss-covered slopes. Then the path leaves the gorge and leads uphill along various viewpoints on rocky ridges and along nice waterfalls.

  • Traumschleife - Dünnbach Path

    The Traumschleife Dünnbach trail leads the hiker from the Hunsrück to the idyllic and almost unspoilt Dünnbachtal with fantastic nature. On the heights of Lahr and Zilshausen are beautiful panoramic views, interspersed with beautiful forests.

  • Traumschleife - Mittelalter path

    Wonderful walk from the picturesque town center of Herrstein with its beautifully restored half-timbered houses. This walk takes you through forests and fields along the Rabenkanzel, an 800 m² rock formation, and along the Jammereiche, a place that refers to a terrible event during the 30-year war. Along the way you get incredible views, on the viewing platform you have a 360 ° view and you can even see 17 municipalities.

  • Vitaltour - Michels

    Beautiful walk with incredible vistas along the way. You walk through forests, past vineyards and through the Steyerbachtal, sometimes with a steep climb. The last part goes through the beautiful Stromberger Klamm.

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