This walk pays tribute to Juul Noeyens. Between 1970 and 1989, Juul organized a walk from Worteldorp to Wortel-Kolonie for 20 years with Wortel fair (second Sunday in July). He chose a special corner in or around the colony and each time told an interesting story. In doing so, he not only brought people together in a sporting activity, but he also made them aware of the cultural-historical heritage and thus made an unmistakable contribution to the development of tourism in the region. Juul was a schoolteacher in Wortel where he also lived and was a very active and beloved village figure. For him, walking to the colony was literally going back to his roots, because he was born there. Next to the Casino there has been a monument since 1989 in memory of the man who "taught Wortel to walk", but who unfortunately died at the age of 69.