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Tungelroyse Brook Path - Stage 9

Tungelroyse Brook

The ninth stage from Baexem to Roggel mainly goes through the valley of the Leu where three brooks are visited. At the start of the stage, a part of the Haelense Beek will be followed, halfway up a part of the Tungelroyse Beek which is called Leubeek in the Leu valley and at the end of the stage a part of the Roggelsche Beek.

Distance: 13 km.

Time: 3h00.

Grade: Moderate.

Type: Point to point.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: Yes.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Allowed.

Height gain: Flat.

Trail: 89% unpaved.

Marking: See PDF route description.

Hiking shoes recommended.



The Leudal nature reserve is a wooded area with brook valleys and a somewhat more open area with heath at a higher elevation. In the higher part of the area, the stage goes through the Busjop cemetery, an extensive cemetery with 17 burial mounds including a long bed. Other places of interest are the Leudal Museum and the modernized remnant of the St Elisabeth Mill. The oldest mention of the mill dates from 1278. In 1840 it was replaced by a stone mill that was larger than the Leu mill. She served as a flour mill, saw mill and oil mill. In 1844 the mill was destroyed by fire by arson, later the mill was rebuilt. 100 years later in 1944 when the German army withdrew ammunition was stored in the mill. This was detonated by the retreating troops and the mill was destroyed again.

Tungelroyse Brook

Download PDF for route description.

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