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Peel Path - Stage 22

Peel path

The stage from Elsendorp to Landhorst goes through the Krim, Bunthorst, and Groote Slink estates and through the Sint Anthonisbos.

Distance: 17 km.

Time: 4h00.

Grade: Moderate.

Type: Point to point.

Gps Track: Yes.

Route description: Yes.

Wheelchair: Not suitable.

Dog: Allowed.

Height gain: Flat.

Trail: 87% unpaved.

Marking: See PDF route description.

Hiking shoes recommended.


Defense Canal.

Elsendorp is a peat mining village that arose after Samuel Cornelis van Musschenbroek, who founded the Maatschappij tot Ontginning van de Peel and founded two model farms in 1891 on the site of the current Elsendorp. One of them was called De Dompt and this was also the original name for the mining village. The landscape through which one walks is part of a large-scale reclamation area of De Peel. The Crimea consists of coniferous forests and heaths, with these "heaths" one gets a good impression of what it once looked like here. The Bunthorst is an area with an alternation of forest, heath and farmland, through which avenues run with beech and American oak. De Groote Slink also consists of an alternation of forest, heath and agricultural land, but is laid out in an English landscape style. In the Groote Slink, the stage goes along the Slinkvijver and the Diepe Slink, which has been dug into a meandering fen. Near the fen is an ice cellar, which today serves as a residence for bats. In the Sint Anthonisbos the stage goes around the peeling, a beautiful old fen that unfortunately has dried up in recent years. At the end of the stage, the Peel Canal is followed. The Peel Canal or Defense Canal was dug in the Peel in 1939 as part of the Peel-Raamstelling. The canal reaches to the Raam, a small river above Mill. It served as a drainage canal and anti-tank ditch, so it was soon given the name Defense Canal.

Peel path

Download PDF for route description.

Landhorst is difficult as an end point if you use public transport. Alternatively, you can also opt for stage 22a with Sint Anthonis as the end point.

Map & Poi's.