• Gazon du Faing

    This walk goes through the beautiful high moor area Gazon du Faing. Then you walk high above the Lac Blanc and the Lac Noir. Along the way you have several beautiful viewpoints such as the Rocher Hans and the Taubenklangfelsen.

  • Lac Altenweiher

    The walk takes you on a panoramic path around the Kastelberg and then descends through a very old deciduous forest to the Lac Altenweiher. From the lake you climb through the Kolbenwald to the Col Du Rainkopf to return along the other side of the Kastelberg.

  • Lac de Retournemer

    The walk takes you along the shore of the Lac de Longemer and then through a beautiful mixed forest towards the Col Des Faignes Sous Vologne. From the Col you walk to the Lac de Retournemer and the waterfall of Retournemer.

  • Rainkopf

    This walk goes from the beautiful Lac De Blanchemer to the top of the Rainkopf where you have a beautiful view of the High Vosges. The route then continues via the Maison De La Nature Du Rothenbach to the Tourbière De Machais peatland.

  • Sentier des Roches

    This beautiful walk follows a natural path through the rugged Frankenthal before the ascent to the beautiful view on the Hohneck begins.