• Bohan-Membre Nature Reserve

    A nice walk through the Bohan-Membre nature reserve at the Semois. In the nature reserve you walk a on the ridge and then start a steep descent to the banks of the Semois.

  • Fontaine Saint Furcy

    This walk follows the route of an old railway and then follows the valley of the Ruisseau De Fayai in the direction of the source of Saint Furcy. From the hamlet of Bellefontaine you follow the picturesque valley of the Ruisseau De Bellefontaine.

  • La Roche à Saloru

    This walk starts in picturesque Laforêt and, during the summer months, crosses the Pont de Claies, a claies bridge that crosses the Semois from June to September. Through a mixed forest and a more open landscape you walk to La Croix. Here you descend to Membre. In Membre you cross the Semois and start the steep climb to the watchtower at La Roche à Saloru.

  • The castles of Walzin and Vêves

    This walk first goes to the Castle of Walzin, which is situated high above the river. The limestone rocks along the Lesse offer a pleasant contrast with the gray slate of the Ardennes. From the Castle of Walzin the route rises to the rocks of Chaleux, which are very popular with climbers, to the old village of Furfooz and then returns through the fields via the fairy-tale castle of Vêves.

  • Valley of the Nafraiture

    This beautiful walk follows the course of the Nafraiture to the village of the same name. Via the Belgian-French border, the route returns through the valley of the Nafraiture.