• Around the Oudsberg

    This walk goes through the Zavel and Gruitrode forests around the pearl of the Dune Belt, the Oudsberg. This is the highest and largest open drifting dune in Flanders. It rises 85 m above sea level. The Oudsberg is surrounded by beautiful heathlands, stately forests and heather-poor grasslands.

  • Bergerven

    This varied walk takes you from Opoeteren through the Dorperheide and via the cultural landscape De Houw to the Vossenberg on the edge of the Kempisch Plateau. Then it goes to Bergerven nature reserve and along the Zuid-Willems canal. The last part you walk through the valley of the Bosbeek.

  • De Luysen

    This beautiful walking route shows you the core of the Luysen nature reserve. Three viewing huts offer you a panoramic view of the ponds of the nature reserve. You follow the course of the Abeek, one of the most important streams for the GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek, and you go through the varied landscape of the Sint-Maartensheide.

  • De Zig Nature Reserve

    This walk in the Stramproyerbroek passes wet marshes with alder and willow thickets, but also through oak forests. Along fields and meadows you reach the nature reserve De Zig, a vast swamp area between the Abeek and Lossing.

  • Gerhagen

    This walk goes through mixed forests of the Gerhagen nature reserve and along fens through forest heather in the nature reserve Averbode Heide, in short pure nature.

  • Haarterheide Tour

    Cross-border walking tour through the valley of the Warmbeek, the Haarterheide and the Groote Heide on the Dutch side of the border. A walking tour that goes along a stream, through woods and over heathland.

  • Holven

    This walk goes through the Holven which is part of Bosland. You walk through dry coniferous forests on former drifting dunes to the Heide Achter De Steenweg to reach the nature reserve 't Plat. Here you walk through wet swamp along the Holvense brook and over wet and dry heath, interspersed with brushwood and wetland forests.

  • Lommel Sahara

    This walk goes over the Lommel Sahara, a unique sand and dune landscape that belongs to the Bosland forest area. Along the way you can climb the 30 meter high lookout tower and walk across the footbridge of the Kempisch canal.

  • Mechelse Heide and Kikbeek

    This walk in the Hoge Kempen National Park first goes through the Mechelse Heide, the largest heathland of Flanders, with panoramic views and past gravel and sand quarries. Then it goes towards the Valley of the Kikbeek source where fjord ponies graze on the heath and where you can see lignite layers on the surface.

  • Negenoord

    This versatile walk goes through a typical landscape on the Maas. You go through the nature reserves Kerkeweerd and Negenoord, the Maasuiterwaarden and the Oude Maas area.

  • Schulensmeer

    For centuries, the Schulensbroek was one large natural flood plain that was flooded for several months a year. The fields were very fertile, much to the delight of the farmers. Hay from the Schulensbroek was very much in demand. In the mid-seventies, people tried to keep the water of the Demer and its many tributaries within limits with the construction of a holding basin. The Schulensmeer is a fact.

  • Terhills

    Where not so long ago the coal mine of Eisden was still running at full speed, you now walk through a beautiful piece of nature. You can enjoy a surprising landscape along the Grote Plas and you can climb the Lange Terril and Tweelingen Terril with spectacular panoramas!