• Maesbempder Greend

    You walk through the village center and through the castle park of Vilain XIIII to the Maas. A little further you discover the beautiful nature in the Maesbempder Greend. Along the way you will encounter an extensive variety of landscape elements such as hedges, old dykes and orchards.

  • Mechelse Heide and Kikbeek

    This walk in the Hoge Kempen National Park first goes through the Mechelse Heide, the largest heathland of Flanders, with panoramic views and past gravel and sand quarries. Then it goes towards the Valley of the Kikbeek source where fjord ponies graze on the heath and where you can see lignite layers on the surface.

  • Over the plateau of Caestert

    Hiking tour on the Tiendeberg and the Plateau of Caestert with Fort Eben-Emael. Special plants occur on the Tiendeberg that cannot be found anywhere else in Flanders due to the typical soil conditions with a transition from marl or soft limestone at the bottom of the slope to gravel higher up.

  • Province of Limburg

    The province of Limburg consists of four regions, namely the Voer region, Hesbaye, the Meuseland and the Campine. Each region has its own characteristics, but nature is central to each of these regions.

  • Ziepbeek

    This walk in the National Park Hoge Kempen introduces you to one of the scarce wet brook valleys of the Kempens Plateau, a hidden treasure: The valley of the Ziepbeek!