The steam tram started from January 1, 1929 on the Stationsplein, in front of Maastricht Station. That is also the start of the first part of the hike. The hike goes slightly north of the original route to the edge of the city. In the city, the route ran over the current Heerderweg and the Akersteenweg (N278). We opted for a slightly quieter route through the city.

Remains of the tram route can often be found in the landscape in this part of the tram line. Soon after leaving Margraten, the hike goes through a deep excavation, the slope of which is overgrown with trees and shrubs. Halfway through the excavation, the path suddenly climbs, in the days of the tramline there was a bridge there that was blown up by the Germans. That part of the excavation has been filled in, and various fragments of the bridge can still be found.

It quickly became clear to local residents that the tram line would not last long. It started well on the day of the opening June 27, 1922 in Wijlre.

The walking tour starts again on the route, followed by the route that was constructed later, now the Oude Baan, which is soon abandoned again.