The first stage starts in Lozen on Belgian territory. The Zuid-Willemsvaart and the Bocholt-Herentals Canal converge in Lozen. To the northwest of Lozen is the Lozerheide nature reserve, a former flow field with poplar plantations and a large fish pond.

The second stage goes through the fens-rich nature reserve De IJzeren Man, along the Tungelroyse Brook on the edge of the Kruispeel and the Laurabossen to end in Altweerterheide.

The third stage goes from Altweerterheide to Tungelroy. The stage goes along the Tungelroy Brook, through the Areven and the Tungelerwallen.

The fourth stage goes from Tungelroy to Swartbroek and is also the shortest stage. The walk goes along the Tungelroyse Beek and through the Krang nature reserve.

The fifth stage goes from Swartbroek through the nature reserves Krang, Heijkersbroek and Ellburg to Ell.

The sixth stage goes from Ell to Leveroy through a few small nature reserves such as De Moost, het Keversbroek, along the Tungelroyse Beek and through a group of woodland plots with the impressive name Nature Reserve.

The seventh stage from Leveroy to Baexem goes along the Tungelroyse Beek, through the Beijlshof estate, the Bedelaar estate and the Haelense Beek brook valley that borders the Exatenbos.

The eighth stage goes from Baexem to Nunhem through the Exatenbos, Beegderheide and through the stream valley of the Haelense Beek.

The ninth stage from Baexem to Roggel mainly goes through the valley of the Leu where three brooks are visited. At the start of the stage, a part of the Haelense Beek will be followed, halfway up a part of the Tungelroyse Beek which is called Leubeek in the Leu valley and at the end of the stage a part of the Roggelsche Beek.

The tenth and last stage from Roggel to Neer goes through the Leudal, the Neyenghoor estate and the Neerbeek brook valley.