• Kloosterzande Tour

    The walk starts at the nameless windmill and passes St. Martin's Church. It continues on polder roads in the direction of the Western Scheldt, where you can see the largest sea-going vessels passing by. You return to the starting point through the walking area of Hof ter Zandeplein.

  • Nature around Veere

    During this walk you will get to know the historic town of Veere and the green, water-rich environment. First you walk along the towpath next to the channel 'Kanaal door Walcheren' in the direction of the 'Oude Veerseweg' nature reserve. Here you follow the banks of the 'Veerse Watergang' and the 'Botjeszeekreek'. Via the forest of Veere and the 'Veerse Kreek' you arrive at the 'Veerse Meer' dike. Before you reach the town again, you walk under the fortress wall wich was build by Napoleon Bonaparte. The marina and the cozy streets with the historic buildings invite you to stroll through the town and enjoy a terrace before heading back to the starting point.

  • The ramparts of Retranchement

    The ramparts of Retranchement, built according to the Old Dutch fortification system, forms a nature reserve that connects many landscape elements, such as dikes, meadows, hedges and trees. Remains of the "Oranje" and "Nassau" forts can still be found there. The walk starts on these ramparts in the center of this small village in Zeeland.

  • Zeepeduinen

    This walk will introduce you to the dune valleys and barren sand dunes of the Zeepeduinen before you explore the largest forest in Zeeland, Boswachterij Westerschouwen.