• Arroyo De Malcevino

    This walk goes through the valley of the Arroyo De Malcevino to the top of the Cima Cerro Gimio. Here you have a beautiful view of the valley of the Tagus and the famous Salto Del Gitano. After the climb you walk back and forth to the Puente del Horquillo, the bridge over the Arroyo Barbaon. You will almost certainly spot red deer on this part of the walk.

  • Mirador de la Tajadilla

    The walk goes from Villareal through a varied landscape with forest and open plains. The chances are quite high that you can spot red deer. You follow the valley of the Tiétar, with several viewpoints along the way. At the Mirador de La Tajadilla you have a beautiful view of the dam of the Tiétar.